Choosing The Right Blade For Your Lawn Mower & Yard

It's finally time to purchase new lawn mower blades and the options available may be overwhelming online or at a local dealership. Similar to getting a haircut, you have options that will produce different end results of how your lawn will look. No worries, we are here to guide you in making the right choice when purchasing a new set of lawn mower blades.

Choosing The Right Lawn Mower Blade Type

Low-Lift Blades

Low-lift blades are a special blade type used primarily for mowing in sandy conditions. The low suction will limit the amount of dust and noise utilizing less engine power. This allows for the grass to stay grounded enough for trimmings to discharged sideways. 

Blades that produce more suction like High-Lift blades will typically deteriorate more quicker in similar terrain. The dust and sand will wear out the blades much sooner than the expected lifespan. 

So if your yard consists of these qualities, your best bet is to go with the low-lift when replacing your original machine blades. 


Medium-Lift (Standard OEM)

Medium-lift blades are the most typical or original blades used on your machine at the time of purchase. These tend to have a slight curve on each end which will allow some air to ventilate through. This will pull the grass up more than your low-lift blade type leaving more precise cut. 

We refer to this type of lawn mower blade as an all-in-one solution and is similar to the lift profile of the original machine blades.

It's recommended to have thicker or more consistent grass for optimal use. If you are looking to bag, mulch or discharge, this blade will do it all!


High-Lift Blades

High-lift blades will allow for maximum airflow through the mower deck creating the perfect defined finish to your freshly cut lawn. These blades require a more or higher horsepower for optimal performance and are recommended for thicker or taller grass conditions.

High-lift blades are unsuitable for sandy terrains. Because of the large amount of airflow, blades will quickly deteriorate when used on this type of terrain. 

If you are looking to bag or throw grass clippings a long distance, high-lift blades are the go-to lawn mower blade type for your yard. 


Mulching Blades

Mulching blades are the multi-purpose blade that will cut grass into finer pieces allowing you to replenish the soil with nutrients. Because these blades use less suction, wet conditions should be avoided as clogging may occur in your deck and when bagging.

The design of mulching blades will bring grass up into the deck allowing the blades to cut clippings several times. It's recommended to use this style blade if you cut more frequently allowing you lawn to fertilize properly. 

Similar to the medium-lift (standard) blade, you can bag, mulch or discharge using these blades. 


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