LawnRAZOR Blade Set 810-CBL2226D For Cub Cadet Craftsman Columbia 942-0616 742-0616A 742-0616 | 2-PACK

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CBL2226D

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Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

942-0616, 742-0616A, 742-0616, 942-04126, 742-04126, 942-04087, 490-110-M115, 742-04087, 7420616, 742-616A, 490-110-C109, 490-110-C108, 490-110-C119, 490-110-C122, 742-04087-0637, 742-0616B

810-CBL2226D Fits the Following OEM Models:


608G, 609G, 673G, 675G, 698G

For Agway

670A, 670G, 673G, 690A

For Bolens

662F, 662G, 683G

For Columbia

CLT42G, CLT42H, CYT4220, CYT4220SE, P616G, P616H, P61GG, P61GH, RZT-42, RZT-50, V606G, V60GG, V616G, V61GG, ZT-L42 KH, ZT-S42 KH

For Craftsman

604G, T1000, T105, T107, T110, T1100, T1200, T130, T1300, T1400, T1800, T210, T2100, T3000, T7800, T8000, Z510, Z6000, ZS6500

For Cub Cadet

1170, 1600, LT-1040, LT-1042, RZT-17, RZT-42, RZT-L42, RZT-L42 KH, RZT-S42, RZT-S42 KH, RZT-SX42 EFI, RZT-SX42 KH, XT1-LT42, XT1-LT42 EFI, XT1-LT42 KH, XT1-LT42C, XT1-LT46, XT2-LX42, XT2-LX42 EFI, XT2-LX42 KH, XT2-LX42 KW, ZT1-42 KH

For Estate

611G, 618G

For GardenWay

617H, 693G

For Huskee

606G, 608G, 660G, 673G, 678G, 680F, 682G, 693G, 698G, 771G, 791G, 795G, LT-4200

For Lawn Chief

608G, 609G, 619H, 673G, 675G, 678G, 693G, 698G

For Lawn General


For Mastercraft

673G, 693G, 698G

For Mastercut

665G, 670G, 695G, 775G, 775S, 795G, RZT-42

For MTD Gold

608G, 675G, 678G, 688G, 695G, 698G, 771G, 795G, 795S, RZT-42, RZT-50

For MTD Pro


For Murray

M115-42, M135-38, M155-42, M175-42

For Power Pro

672G, 673G

For Ranch King

611G, 618G, 618H, 619G, 668G, 670G, 675G, 678G, 690G, 693G, 695G, 698G

For Ryobi Outdoor

608G, 678G, 688G

For Sam's Club


For Select Series

665G, 693G

For Silver Series

673G, 675G, 693G, 695G

For Statesman

618H, 662G, 670G, 672G, 678G, 679G, 690G, 694G, 698G, 699G

For Toro

LX420, LX423, LX425, LX426, LX427

For Troy-Bilt

604G, 609G, Bronco, Bronco 42 Auto, Bronco 42X Auto, Colt XP, Horse 42 Hydro, LT-1742, LT-1842, LTX-1842, Mustang 42, Mustang 42 XP, Mustang Colt RZT-42, Mustang XP 42, Mustang Z42, Pony, Pony 42, Pony 42B, Pony 42K, Pony 42T, Pony 42X, Range Rider, RZT-42, RZT-50, Super Bronco, Super Bronco 42 Hydro, Super Bronco 42XP, TB1942, TB42, TB42 7-Speed, TB42 Hydro, Tuffy

For Turf Pro

660G, 675G, 679G

For White Outdoor

FST-16, LT-135, LT-15, LT-1500, LT-155, LT-16, LT-165, LT-1650, LT-17, LT-175, LT-1800, LT-1855, LT-1855H, LT-542G, LT-542H, LT-942G, LT-942H, ZT-17, ZT-42, ZT-4200, ZTT-1850

For Wizard

618G, 673G, 675G, 693G, 695G, 698G

For Yard-Machines

604G, 607G, 608G, 609G, 618G, 660F, 660G, 662G, 665G, 670G, 672G, 673G, 675G, 678G, 679G, 682G, 685G, 690G, 693G, 695G, 697G, 698G, 699G, 761G, 762G, 770S, 771G, 772G, 775S, 791G, LT-38, LT-42, RZT-42, T604G

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