LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade 810-CBL2248D For Craftsman Cub Cadet Columbia 742-0741 942-0741 | 4-PACK

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CBL2248D

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Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

742-0741, 942-0741, 490-100-M084, 01002810, 742-0741A, 742-04276S, 9420741A, 1002810, 742-04276, 942-04276, 942-04276S, 942-05213, 490-100-C089, 742-741, 742-05213, 490-110-C128

810-CBL2248D Fits the Following OEM Models:


378N, 379B, 411A, 413A, 418C, 424A, 425G, 429B, 458C, 469B

For Agway

137G, 425A, 469B

For Black and Decker

A0S5, A2SD

For Black Max

VB2R, VC2R, VC62, VC6R, VD6R

For Bolens

414A, 414E, 414J, 414L, 414S, 416H, 418A, 436T, 446L, 446T, 544L, 546I, 584E, A14A, A14S, A40J, A40M, A44E, A44R, B04E, B04R, B06R, B0BL

For Brute

A06M, A06N, A0A9, A0BG, B25U, B2A3, B2BV

For Columbia

439Q, 549Q, 979V, A09Q, A40M, A44E, B03K, B04A, B29Q, D33Q, D39W, J836, P21, P21HW, P21HWXL, P21XL, P21XLC, P21XL-H, SP21, SP21HW, SP21HW-H, SP21S, SP21SE, SP21S-H, SP976, SP978, SP979, SP996, SP998, SP999, V569Q, VB29Q, VB29V, VD39, VD39Q

For County Line


For Craftsman

145B, 147H, 33 inch Wide Cut, 379B, 414A, 418C, 418D, 425C, 469Q Limited Edition, 597F, 948K, 967K, A00X, A03P, A08X, A0BR, A0MA, A0S5, A0SD, A15A, A15B, A16T, A1BW, A23P, A25E, A25F, A2B8, A2BR, A2M5, B03R, B05E, B0BS, B0M5, B15R, B1BB, B25E, B25F, B25P, B28S, B2AQ, B2M5, B2SD, C2M5, C38Z, C68Z, D35N, E997E, E999K, M100, M105, M110, M115, M125, M140, M155, M160, M205, M210, M215, M220, M230, M235, M250, M255, M260, M270, M275, M310, M320, M70, M95, N2M7, P38S, P3AQ, Precision Plus 21 inch, Pro Series 21 inch

For Cub Cadet

CC439, CC469, CC46ES, CC46M, CC46MZ, CC949, CC94M, CC98, CC989, CC98H, CC98K, CC98M, CC997ES, CC999ES, CC99M, PR521, RB-600, S621, S621SS, SC100, SC100H, SC100HW, SC300, SC300E, SC300HW, SC300IP, SC500, SC500E, SC500EQ, SC500EZ, SC500HW, SC500Z, SC621, SC621E, SC700, SC700E, SC700H, SR621, SRC621, SRE621, SRS621, Wide-Area 5521

For Huskee

379B, 388T, 414A, 423A, 467E, 467J, 46M9, 46MC, 46MZ, 528T, 540K, 544A, 544S, 549R, 549S, 54M7, 54MZ, 569K, 569R, 979K, A0JC, A0JT, A0K7, A0S5, A2K7, A2M7, B0BL, B0SD, B22J, B29Q, B2BM, B2JI, B2K7, B2M7

For Lawn Chief

138L, 378L, 379B, 411A, 414A, 414D, 428C, 428N, 458K

For Lawn General

378N, 411B, 518N

For Lawn Hawk


For Lawnflite

413A, 423B, 425A, 545D

For Mastercraft

138C, 378N, 410A, 428C, 808C, 848C

For Mastercut

378M, 410A, 414A, 469D, 544A, 544C, 566A, 769L, B22C, B23M, B24A, B2M7, V569, VB2M

For Montgomery Ward

414A, 428H

For MTD Black


For MTD Gold

379W, 418A, 435E, 436A, 439R, 439S, 439W, 469R, 469S, 469W, 544B, 544F, 544K, 549W, 566A3, 569R, 569S, B22Q, B23T, B26G, B26M, B26N, B2A9, B2BG, B2BN, B2J1, B2JA, B2JZ, B2M7, D32Q

For MTD Pro

214-IP, 214-KW, 378Q, 422Q, 42K, 436Q, 466Q, 559Q, 566Q, 567A, 568Q, 569Q, 588Q, 589B, 58K, 839Q, 980K, 986Q, 989Q, 997A, 998Q, C31E, C3KQ, D31H, D37K, D3K9, D3KB, D3KH, V550, V55D, V560, VB20


148C, 410A, 412A, 413A, 414A, 418C, 41M, 41M9, 423A, 424C, 425A, 426F, 428C, 54M, 54M9, 808C, 848C, A0JC, A0JT, A0S5, A1JC, A1JT, A1S5, B0JC, B0JT

For Murray

A03Z, A04Z, A0BE, A0BV, A1B1, A1BF, A2BA, A2BF, B0BA, B23M, B23Z, B2A9, B2B6, ME21550, ME21625

For Platinum

542Q, 832Q

For Power Kraft

808R, 808T

For Ranch King

378N, 410A, 413C, 414A, 458C, 518N, 548N, 549B, 569B, E458K

For Remington

RM105 Trail Blazer, RM110 Trail Blazer, RM120 Trail Blazer, RM130 Trail Blazer, RM140 Trail Blazer, RM160 Trail Blazer, RM205 Pathfinder, RM210 Pathfinder, RM214, RM220 Pathfinder, RM310 Explorer, RM360 Explorer, RM410 Pioneer

For Ryobi Outdoor

389I, 545D, 546P, 568Q, 589B

For Sam's Club

549P, 568Q

For Select Series

326F, 378L, 513H

For Servistar

425E, 482C

For Silver Series


For Snapper

SP105, SP55, SP65, SP65S, SP80

For Statesman

378N, 428C, 428N, 528N

For Tradesman


For Troy-Bilt

21 inch Hi-Wheel, 21 inch Mulching, 21 inch Pro Rear Wheel Drive, 21 inch Push, 21 inch Rotary, 21 inch XP Mulching, 426A, 426C, 429R, 436M, 436N, 446A, 446C, 449R, 542Q, 835Q, Pro-Cut 300, Pro-Cut 310, Pro-Cut 320, TB100, TB105, TB110, TB115, TB120, TB125, TB130, TB130XP, TB140, TB160, TB160XP, TB170XP, TB200, TB210, TB220, TB230, TB230XP, TB235XP, TB240, TB250, TB260, TB260XP, TB270ES, TB270XP, TB280ES, TB290ES, TB300XP, TB320, TB320XP, TB330, TB330XP, TB340, TB340XP, TB350XP, TB360, TB360XP, TB365XP, TB370, TB370XP, TB380ES, TB380XP, TB390ES, TB400XP, TB410XP, TB430XP, TB449E, TB450XP, TB466, TB490XP, TB542, TB566, TB83KXP, TB866XP, TB86KXP, Tru-Cut 100, Tru-Cut 110, Tuff-Cut 200, Tuff-Cut 210, Tuff-Cut 220, Tuff-Cut 230

For Turf King

325A, 410A

For Turf Power


For Turf Pro

378N, 425A, 425E, 568N

For White Outdoor

435D, 465E, 565E, 569S, HW-456, HW-615, HW-656, Lawn Boss 21 SP Mulching, LC-149, LC-210, LC-210SS, LC-215, LC-215E, LC-436, W439R, W439S, W469R, W469S, W54K, W54MB, W54MC, W569R, W569S, W56MC, W839R, W839S, W83MC, W995

For Wizard

148C, 148L, 379B, 584A, 584D

For Yard-Machines

138C, 21 inch Mulcher, 21 inch Push, 373F, 375G, 376M, 376S, 376U, 377G, 378L, 378N, 378Q, 379A, 379B, 379N, 385A, 410A, 411D, 413A, 413F, 414A, 414B, 414C, 414D, 414E, 414F, 414G, 414L, 414R, 414S, 416F, 416H, 416Q, 416S, 418A, 418B, 418C, 418Q, 419Q, 41M, 423G, 423I, 424B, 424C, 426F, 428C, 428Q, 429B, 429Q, 429R, 429S, 433H, 434C, 435D, 436J, 436K, 438F, 439G, 439R, 439S, 443F, 445E, 446B, 446D, 446M, 446T, 446U, 449R, 453E, 453F, 455G, 458N, 459A, 459B, 459D, 459K, 459S, 460, 464T, 464Z, 465E, 466K, 468C, 468N, 469A, 469B, 469D, 469E, 469R, 475A, 478N, 513H, 515I, 518N, 528N, 543B, 543C, 543G, 543H, 544A, 544C, 544E, 544G, 544R, 544S, 545C, 545I, 546B, 546H, 546J, 546M, 546N, 546U, 548P, 549G, 549K, 549Q, 549R, 549S, 54M, 559K, 565H, 565I, 566J, 568N, 568Q, 585B, 586T, 588N, 589S, 597F, 809D, 827A, 829D, 849K, 967K, 978Q, 979L, 998Q, A00J, A00M, A00X, A02J, A03M, A04A, A04D, A0BE, A0JT, A0M5, A0MA, A0S5, A0SD, A13J, A13K, A14E, A14O, A14R, A14X, A1BA, A1S5, A22J, A23K, A2BA, A2BL, A2M5, A2S5, A40M, A40X, A44E, A44R, A54E, A54R, A56R, A5BL, B00X, B04A, B04E, B04R, B06R, B0BL, B0MA, B13L, B13M, B16M, B16N, B1BE, B1SD, B23M, B24A, B2S5, B96N, B9A9, B9BG, E459, E466

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