LawnRAZOR Toothed Blade Set 810-CBL2342D For AYP Husqvarna Jonsered 138496 127841 532138496 | 2-PACK

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CBL2342D

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810-CBL2342D LawnRAZOR Toothed Blade Set Product Info:

  • Blade Specs: Length 18 3/16"; Center Hole 5pt Star, Thickness 0.134", Width 2 1/4", Type Toothed;

Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

138496, 127841, 532138496, 532143969, 532127841, 126338, 532126338

810-CBL2342D Fits the Following OEM Models:


6A1A1E, 6C1A7E, 6H1A9D, AY1236A, AY1236B, AY1236E, AY12536A, AY12536B, AY12B36C, AYF1236C, CB1136C, CB13H36A, CH1136B, CT10L36B, CT1236C, CT1236D, CT1236E, CT12542P, DE1136A, DE1136B, DE1136C, DE11B36A, DE11B36B, DE11B36C, DE11B92A, GP1236A, GPT13B36C, MT1336D, MT13H36D, RE12HB36A, RRT12L36A, T1136B, TM12B36A, WG1036A, WG1136C, WG11536B, WG1236B, WG1236C, WP1036A, YE10L36B, YE1236D

For Central Park

CP10910A, CP10L36A

For Husqvarna

385 XP, LR100, LR12, LR120, LR130, LRH130, LT100, LT112, LT120, LT125, LT130, LT135, LT151, LT1536, LT920-12, LTH125, LTH130, LTH135, LTH151, LTH1536

For Jonsered

LR10-36, LR12-36, LRH13-36, LT12, LT13, LT13A, LT14, LT14A, LT2112, LT2114, LT2114A, LT2115, LT2115A

For Poulan Pro

PP1036S, PP1036SA, PP1136, PP1136A, PP1236, PP1236A

For Poulan


For Roper Rally

RE91R12B, RE91R12C, RE91R12D, RL1036A, RL10L36A, RL10L36B, RL1136A, RL12536TA, RL12536TB

For Roper

RE10L36B, RE10M36A, RE1136A, RE11B36A, RE11B36B, RE12C36B, RE12C36D, RE12C36E, RLT10L36A, X1036B, Y10L36A, Y10L36B

For Royal


For Weed Eater

WE10L36A, WE1136A, WE1236B, WEA1136A, WEX1236B, WEX1236D, WEX1292A, WEX12H36B, WEX12H36C, WEX12H36D

For Winston Pro


For Wizard

AYP9120A29, WZ1236B, WZ125H36A, WZ125H36B, WZ12B36B

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