LawnRAZOR Mower Blade 810-CBL2379D For Cub Cadet Craftsman 942-04417 02005017 1005336 01005336 | 3-PACK

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CBL2379D

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810-CBL2379D LawnRAZOR Mower Blade Product Info:

  • Blade Specs: Length 16 15/16", Width 3", Center Hole 3/4", Thickness 0.1875";

Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

942-04417, 02005017, 1005336, 01005336, 742-04417, 742-04278A, 942-04278A, 01005336P, 742P04278A-X, 742-04278A-X, 742-04278, 2005017, 01005379

810-CBL2379D Fits the Following OEM Models:

For Craftsman

Z8200, ZTL7500

For Cub Cadet

Enforcer 48, GT-2148, PRO HW 300 348, PRO HW 300 348 2022, PRO X 600 KW 648, PRO X 600 KW 648 2022, PRO Z 100 EFI 148-L, PRO Z 100 EFI 148-S, PRO Z 500 KW 548-L, Recon 48, Tank 48, Tank L48 KH, Tank LZ48, Tank M48 HN, Tank M48 KH, Tank M48 KW, Tank SZ48, Wide-Area GF1748, Wide-Area HF1748, Wide-Area HFF1748, Z-Force 48, Z-Force 54, Z-Force L48, Z-Force L48 FAB, Z-Force L48 KH, Z-Force L48 KH FAB, Z-Force LX48 KW, Z-Force LX48 KW FAB, Z-Force LZ48, Z-Force Pro 48 KH, Z-Force Pro 54 KH, Z-Force S48, Z-Force S48 KH, Z-Force S48 KH FAB, Z-Force S48 LP, Z-Force SX48 KW, Z-Force SX48 KW FAB, Z-Force SZ48, Z-Force SZ48 KH FAB, ZTX4-48 KH FAB, ZTX4-48 KH FAB 2022 ULTIMA ZTX4, ZTX5-48 KH FAB 2022 ULTIMA ZTX5, ZTX5-48 KW FAB, ZTX6-48 KW FAB

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