Idler Pulley Set 810-CID2231L For Husqvarna Poulan Pro Jonsered 173437 532173437 532165888 | 2-PACK

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CID2231L

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Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

173437, 532173437, 532165888

810-CID2231L Fits the Following OEM Models:


HALT150E, LT150

For Husqvarna

26H, 450 II 450e 450eII 450 Rancher 450 RancherII 450II, LC 153, LT150 HALT150E, LT152, LT16542, LT18542, LT18542 A, LT18542 B, LT18542A, LT18542B, LTH120 A, LTH130 HALTH130C, LTH130 HE13H36H, LTH1342 A, LTH1342 B, LTH1342 C, LTH1342 LTHK1342A, LTH1342 LTHK1342B, LTH1342A, LTH1342B, LTH1342C, LTH152, LTH1542, LTH1542 HAUB15H42A, LTH1542 HAUB15H42B, LTH1742 A, LTH1742 B, LTH1742 C, LTH1742 HAU17H42A, LTH1742 HAU17H42B, LTH1742 HAU17H42C, LTH1742 HAU17H42D, LTH1742A, LTH1742B, LTH1742C, LTH1742D, LTH1842, LTH1842 HAU1842A, LTH1842 HAU1842B, LTH18542 A, LTH18542 B, LTH18542 C, LTH18542A, LTH18542B, LTH18542C, LTH2042 A, LTH2042 B, LTH2042 C, LTH2042A, LTH2042B, LTH2042C, LTHK1342A, LTHK1342B, PR15, R316 T AWD, YT130 HEYT130J, YT150 HEYT155E, YT150 HEYT155G, YT150 HEYT155H, YT150 HEYT155J, YT155 HEYT155K, YT155 HEYT155L, YT155 HEYT155M, YTH130, YTH130 HEYTH130K, YTH130 HEYTH130L, YTH1342 XP YTH1342 XPA, YTH1342XPA, YTH135 HEYTH135A, YTH135 HEYTH135B, YTH135 HEYTH135C, YTH135 HEYTH135D, YTH1452XPA, YTH150 HFYTH155G, YTH150 HFYTH155H, YTH150 XP, YTH150 XP HEYTH150KA, YTH150 XP HEYTH150KB, YTH151, YTH151 HEYTH151A, YTH151 HEYTH151B, YTH1542, YTH1542 XP, YTH1542 XP HAU15H42A, YTH1542 XP HAU15H42B, YTH1542 XP HAU15H42C, YTH1542 XP HAU15H42D, YTH1542 XP HAU15H42E, YTH1542 XP HAU15H42F, YTH1542 XP HAU15H42G, YTH1542 XP HAU15H42H, YTH1542 XP HAU15H42J, YTH1542 XP HAU15H42L, YTH1542A, YTH1542B, YTH1542C, YTH1542D, YTH1542E, YTH1542XP, YTH1542XPB, YTH1542XPC, YTH1542XPD, YTH1542XPE, YTH1542XPF, YTH1542XPG, YTH1542XPT, YTH155 HEYTH155A, YTH155 HEYTH155B, YTH170 HEYTH170A, YTH170 HEYTH170B, YTH170 HFYTH170E, YTH170 HFYTH170F, YTH180 HEYTH180E, YTH180 HEYTH180F, YTH180 XP, YTH180 XP HEYTH180KB, YTH180 XP HEYTH180KC, YTH1842, YTH1842 XP, YTH1842A, YTH1842B, YTH1842C, YTH1848 XP, YTH1848XPA, YTH1848XPB, YTH18542, YTH200 HEYTH200A, YTH200 HEYTH200B, YTH200 HEYTH200C, YTH2042, YTH2042 XP, YTH2048, YTH2048A, YTH210 XP, YTH210 XP HEYTH210KA, YTH210 XP HEYTH210KB, YTH210 XP HEYTH210KC, YTH210 XP HEYTH210KD, YTH2242, YTH2242A, YTH2242B, YTHK1542A, YTHK1542B, YTKH1542XPA, YTKH1542XPB, YTKH1542XPC

For Jonsered

J2118AA, LT13, LT15, LT15A, LT16, LT16A, LT17A, LT18A, LT2115, LT2115A, LT2116A, LT2117A, LT2118A, LT2118A2, LT2120A2, LT2122A2

For Lazer


For Poulan Pro

BB18542LT, BB185H42LT, BB185H42YT, BB24H42YT, CN1842STA, CO1842STA, CO18542STA, CO18542STB, CO18542STC, CO185H42STA, CO185H42STB, CO185H42STC, CO18H42STA, DB18542YT, DB185H42YT, DB24H42YT, DPR20H42STA, DPR22H48STA, PB155G42, PB17542LT, PB19542LT, PB19H42LT, PB19H42LTS, PBA19542LT, PBA195H42LT, PBA195H42LTX, PD1842STA, PD18542STA, PD18542STB, PD185H42STA, PD185H42STB, PD185H42STC, PD18H42STA, PD18H42STB, PD2042STA, PD20H42STA, PD20PH42STA, PD22H42STA, PD22H42STB, PD22H42STC, PD24PH42ST, PDB1842STA, PDB18H42STA, PDC18H42STA, PK1942LT, PK1942YT, PK19H42LT, PK19H42YT, PK20H42YT, PPR2042STA, PPR2042STB, PPR2042STC, PPR20H42STA, PPR20H42STB, PPR20H42STC, PR1642STA, PR16H42STB, PR1742STB, PR1742STC, PR1742STD, PR1742STE, PR1742STF, PR17542STA, PR17542STC, PR17H42STB, PR17H42STC, PR17H42STD, PR17H42STE, PR17H42STF, PR1842STA, PR1842STB, PR1842STC, PR1842STD, PR18542STA, PR18542STB, PR18542STC, PR185H42STA, PR185H42STB, PR185H42STC, PR185H42STD, PR185H42STE, PR185H42STF, PR185H42STG, PR185H42STH, PR2042STA, PR20H42STA, PR20H42STB, PR20H42STC, PR20H42STD, PR20PH42STA, PR20PH42STB, PR20PH42STC, PR20PH42STD, PRK17G42STA, PRK17G42STB, PRK17H42STA, PRK17H42STB

For Poulan

279370, PO14542LT, PO17542LT, PO19542LT, PXT12538, PXT155G42, PXT175G42

For Weed Eater


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