Flat Idler Pulley 810-CID2239L For Cub Cadet Huskee Columbia 756-0627 756-0627D 956-0627 956-0365

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CID2239L

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810-CID2239L Flat Idler Pulley Product Info:

  • Inner Diameter (ID): 3/8 Inch; Outer Diameter (OD): 4-1/8 Inch; Height: 1 Inch

Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

756-0627, 756-0627D, 956-0627, 956-0365, 756-0627B, 756-0365, GW-7560627, 7560627, 34-041

810-CID2239L Fits the Following OEM Models:


608G, 609G, 679H, 698H, 704, 809H, 825H, 849H

For Agway

690A, 803H, 848A, 848H

For Bolens

683H, 808H

For Central Park

800H, 809H, 840H, 848H, 849H

For Coast to Coast


For Columbia

P616G, P616H, P61GG, P61GH, Q816H, V606G, V60GG, V616G, V61GG

For Craftsman

325, 328, 344, 604G, 604H

For Cub Cadet

1015, 1020, 1027, 1170, 1180, 1212, 1315, 1320, 1515, 1517, 1525, 1527, 1529, 1600, 1800, 2130, 2135, 2140, 2145, 2146, 2150, 2155, 2164, 2166, 2176, 364, 365, 365L, CYB, GT-2042, GT-2542, LT-1018, LT-1024, LT-1045, LT-1046, LT-2042, LT-2138, LT-2180, RZT-17, RZT-22, RZT-42, Tank M60 LC, Z42, Z48, Z48L, Z54, Z54L, ZTT46 i1046

For Estate

618G, 818H

For GardenWay


For Grass Handler

8809B, 8888

For Greenbrier


For Hechinger

678H, 808G, 848H

For Heritage/Agway


For Huskee

606H, 606P, 607H, 608G, 608H, 608P, 609H, 673H, 688H, 693H, 698H, 807P, 808H, 808K, 833H, 834P, 839H, 839P, 843H, 844P, 848H, 8498H, 849H, 849P

For Kleen Kut


For Lawn Chief

608G, 609G, 619H, 679H, 698H, 849H

For Lawn General

695H, 845H, 849H

For Lawn Pro


For Lawnflite

704, 705, 714

For Long Life


For Lowe's

693H, 848H

For Mark Master


For Mastercraft

673H, 678H, 679H, 808H, 848H, 849H

For Mastercut

670H, 675H, 800H, 840H

For MTD Gold

608G, 618H, 679H, 688H, 808H, 848H

For MTD Pro



600, 660H, 668H, 670H, 675, 675H, 678H, 679H, 695H, 699H, 704, 705, 705C, 705S, 714, 715, 735, 765, 800, 800H, 801, 801H, 802, 802H, 803, 803H, 804, 804H, 805, 805H, 806, 806H, 807, 807H, 808, 808H, 809, 809H, 810H, 811H, 812H, 813H, 814H, 815, 815H, 816H, 817H, 818H, 819H, 820, 820H, 821, 821H, 822, 822H, 823, 823H, 824, 824H, 825, 825H, 826, 826H, 827, 827H, 828, 828H, 828P, 829, 829H, 830, 830H, 831, 831H, 832H, 833, 833H, 834, 834H, 835, 835H, 836, 836H, 837, 837H, 838, 838H, 839, 839H, 840, 840H, 841, 841H, 842, 842H, 843, 843H, 844, 844H, 845, 845H, 846, 846H, 847, 847H, 848, 848H, 849, 849H, 931, 935, GT-1846

For New Englander


For Power Kraft

699H, 845H

For Power Pro

659H, 840H

For Power Streak


For Power Tech


For Ranch King

611H, 618G, 618H, 675H, 678H, 679H, 695H, 699H, 704, 800H, 809H, 818H, 818P, 820H, 825H, 828H, 833P, 840H, 843H, 848H, 849H

For Ryobi Outdoor


For Sam's Club


For Sentar

660H, 809H

For Servistar

673H, 679H, 803H, 848H, 849H

For Signature Montgomery Ward

2000, 800H, 840H, 845H

For Silver Series


For Statesman

608H, 618H, 694H, 699H, 705, 803H, 808P, 809H, 848H, 849H

For Tradesman

820H, 828H, 828P, 848H

For Troy-Bilt

604G, 604H, 609G, 609H, 640H, 809P, Bronco, GT-2246, GT-2554, GTX-2446, GTX-2654, Horse, LT-1742, LT-1842, LT-2046, LTX-1842, LTX-2146, Super Bronco

For Turf Power

679H, 800H, 809H, 839H, 846H, 848H, 849H

For Turf Pro

679H, 848H, 849H

For Western Sun

800H, 840H

For White Outdoor

GT-180, GT-185, GT-205, GT-2150, GT-225, GT-2550, GT-2550H, LGT-160, LGT-165, LR-927, LT-140, LT-1500, LT-16, LT-165, LT-1650, LT-18, LT-1800, LT-185, LT-1850, LT-1855, LT-1855H, LT-2150, LT-946G, LT-946H, Yard Boss LT-140, Yard Bug, Z16, Z165, Z180, Z180L, Z200, Z220, ZT-17, ZT-1850, ZT-2150, ZT-22, ZT-2250, ZT-42, ZTT-1850, ZTT-2150

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