Idler Pulley Set 810-CID2242L For Husqvarna Poulan Pro Jonsered 196104 532196104 532197380 | 2-PACK

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CID2242L

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Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

196104, 532196104, 532197380

810-CID2242L Fits the Following OEM Models:

For Husqvarna

142 R Current, 143 RII, 2348 LS, 2348LS, 2348LS CAN, 2354 GXLS, 2354GXLS, 245 current US, 257, 272 XP, 2748 GLS, 2748GLS, 2748GLS CAN, 2754 GLS, 2754GLS, 362, 435 E, 543 RS Current, DRT900 H, GT48DXLS, GT48DXLS Carb, GT48DXLS CARB Non-CARB, GT48XLS, GT48XLSI, GT52 XLS, GT52XLS, GT52XLSI, GT54CS, GT54LS, GTH2448 T, GTH2448 T 917 279260, GTH2448T, GTH2454 T, GTH2454T, GTH24K54, GTH24V52 LS, GTH24V52LS, GTH24V54, GTH2548 XP HAU25H48A, GTH260, GTH260 XP, GTH263 T, GTH263 T 10, GTH263T, GTH264 T, GTH2648, GTH264T, GTH2654 T, GTH2654T, GTH26K54, GTH26K54 T, GTH26K54T, GTH26V48 LS, GTH26V48LS, GTH26V52 LS, GTH26V52 LS 11, GTH26V52LS, GTH26V54, GTH2752 TF, GTH2752TF, GTH27V48 LS, GTH27V48 LS 10, GTH27V48LS, GTH27V52 LS, GTH27V52LS, GTH3052 TDF, GTH3052 TF, GTH3052TDF, GTH3052TF, GTH52XLS, HU625HWT, LGT 2654, LGT24K54, LGT24K54 240470, LGT2554, LGT2554 11, LGT25K54 12, LGT2654, LGT48DXL, LGTH 2454, LGTH 26V54, LGTH22V48, LGTH2454, LGTH24V54, LGTH26V54, LOGTH 2448T, LOGTH2448T, LSZ4622, LSZ5422, LSZ5424, LT130 HALT130J, LT1597, MZ 48, MZ 54, MZ48, MZ54, R53 W, ROYAL 49, ROYAL 53, RZ 4619 CA, RZ 4621 BF -01, RZ 4622, RZ 4623 -00, RZ 4623 -01, RZ 46i -00, RZ 5422 -00, RZ 5424 , RZ 5424 -00, RZ 5426 -01, RZ 5426 -02, RZ4219, RZ4619, RZ4619 CAN, RZ4620, RZ4621, RZ4621BF, RZ4622TBF, RZ4623, RZ46i, RZ5422, RZ5424, RZ5426, RZ54i, TS 148, TS 148X, TS 148XK, TS 242, TS 242D, TS 242TXD, TS 242XD, TS 248G, TS 248TD, TS 248TXD, TS 248XD, TS 342, TS 343, TS 348D, TS 348XD, TS342, TS343, TS348, TS348D, TS348XD, TS352, YT42 XLS, YT42DXL, YT42DXLS, YT42XLS, YT48 XLS, YT48CS, YT48DXLS, YT48XLS, YT54LS, YTA24V48, YTH150 J, YTH1848 XP, YTH1848XPT, YTH21548, YTH220 TWIN, YTH2242 TDF, YTH2242 TDF 11, YTH2242 TDRF, YTH2242 TF, YTH2242TDF, YTH2242TDRF, YTH2242TF, YTH22K48, YTH22K54, YTH22V42 LS, YTH22V42LS, YTH2348, YTH2348 240440, YTH23K48, YTH23V42, YTH23V42 LS, YTH23V42LS, YTH23V48, YTH23V48 10, YTH2448 T, YTH2448 T 917 279200, YTH2448 T 917 279201, YTH2448T, YTH2454, YTH2454 T, YTH2454 T 917 279220, YTH2454T, YTH2454TSC, YTH24K48, YTH24K48 01, YTH24K48D, YTH24K54, YTH24K54 01, YTH24V42 LS, YTH24V42 LS 11, YTH24V42LS, YTH24V48, YTH24V48 LS, YTH24V48LS, YTH24V54, YTH24V54 XLS, YTH24V54XLS, YTH2548 XP, YTH25K54, YTH2642TDF, YTH2648 TDF, YTH2648 TDRF, YTH2648 TF, YTH2648TDRF, YTH2648TF, YTH26K54, YTH26V54, YTH26V54 12, YTH2754, YTH2754 XP, YTH48XLS, Z 242F -00, Z 246 -00, Z 248F -00, Z 248F -01, Z 248F -02, Z16CE, Z18CE, Z242E, Z242F, Z246, Z246i, Z248F, Z254, Z254F, Z254i

For Jonsered

2754GTHI, GT52F, LGT54, LT2223A2, LT2227A2, LT2323A2, YT48, Z42F, Z46R, Z54R

For Poulan Pro

461ZX, 541ZX, PB20VA48, PB22H48YT, PB22H54YT, PB22VA54, PB23H48LGT, PB23H48YT, PB24H48YT, PB24H54YT, PB24TH54YT, PB24VA54, PB26H54YT, PBGT22H48, PBGT22H54, PBGT2654, PBGT26H54, PBGT26H55, PBGTGE, PBLGT2654, PBLGT26H54, PP20VH48, PP22V48, PP22VA48, PP22VA54, PP24KA54, PP24VA54, PP24VH54, PP46SZ, PPLGT2248, PPX46Z, PX46Z

For RedMax

RZT42, RZT48, RZT48x, RZT54, RZT54x, YT2142F, YT2242F, YT2348F, YT2448F

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