Deck Spindle 810-CSP2223N For Husqvarna Poulan Pro Jonsered 187292 532187292 192870 532192870

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CSP2223N

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Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

187292, 532187292, 192870, 532192870, 532187281, 587253301, 587125401, 21546238, 539112057, 532192872, 21546299, 21549012, 21546300, 5321928-70, 21549009

810-CSP2223N Fits the Following OEM Models:

For Ariens

30 inch Gear, 42 inch Automatic, 42 inch Gear, 42 inch Hydro, 46 inch Automatic, 46 inch Hydro, 48 inch Automatic, 48 inch Hydro, 54 inch Automatic, 54 inch Hydro, Precision 42 inch Hydro, Precision 46 inch Hydro, Precision 48 inch Hydro, Precision 54 inch Gear, Precision 54 inch Hydro

For Husqvarna

124 C, 142 RJ, 155 BT, 2042LS, 2146XLS, 2246LS, 2346XLS, 2348LS, 2354GXLS, 236 R, 2748GLS, 2754GLS, 322 L, 362, 436 Li, 445, 556, 9032 PW, CT126, CT153, CT154, CTH126, CTH163T, CTH164T, CTH173, CTH174, CTH184T, CTH194, CTH19530, CTH204T, CTH2138R, CTH224T, CTH2642, CTH2642TR, DRT900H, EZ17, EZ21, EZ4216HO, EZ4217KAA, EZ4822, EZ4824, EZ5424, EZ5426, EZ6124, GT2254, GT54LS, GTH2254 XP, GTH2448T, GTH2454T, GTH24K54, GTH24V54, GTH2548 XP, GTH2554 XP, GTH260, GTH260 XP, GTH263T, GTH2648, GTH264T, GTH2654, GTH2654T, GTH26K54, GTH26K54T, GTH26V54, GTH2754, HU625HWT Wheeled, iZ5225, LE389 Wheeled, LGT24K54, LGT2554, LGT25K54, LGT2654, LGTH22V48, LGTH2454, LGTH24V54, LGTH26V54, LOGTH2448T, LOYTH20F42T, LSZ4622, LSZ5422, LSZ5424, LT126, LT131, LT141, LT151, LT152, LT154, LT1597, LT1942, LT19538, LT19538R, LT2213, LT2223A2, LTA18538, LTH126, LTH141, LTH1438, LTH151, LTH152, LTH1538, LTH154, LTH1542, LTH171, LTH1738, LTH174, LTH1742, LTH17538, LTH1797, LTH1842, LTH18538, LTH19530, LTH2038, LTH2038R, LTH2042, LTH2142, LTH2142D, LTH2142DR, MZ54, MZ5424S, MZ5424SR, MZ54S, R214C, R53W, RE11597, Rider 1030, Royal 53, RZ19CE, RZ3016, RZ3016BF, RZ3019, RZ3019BF, RZ4216, RZ4219, RZ4219BF, RZ4221BF, RZ4619, RZ4620, RZ5422, RZ5424, RZ5424T, RZ5426, RZ54i, SRD17530, ST324 P, TC130, TC138, TC138L, TC138M, TC138T, TC139T, TC142, TC142T, TC238, TC238T, TC238TX, TC239T, TC342, TC342T, TC38, TS138, TS138L, TS138M, TS142, TS142K, TS142L, TS142T, TS142TX, TS142TXD, TS142X, TS142XK, TS146TXD, TS146X, TS146XD, TS146XK, TS146XKD, TS148, TS148X, TS148XK, TS238, TS242, TS242D, TS243, TS243T, TS246, TS346, TS38, WE261, YT16542, YT16542T, YT1942, YT1942T, YT42LS, YT46LS, YT54LS, YTA18542, YTA1946, YTA19K42, YTA20V46, YTA22V46, YTA24V48, YTH150, YTH1542 XP, YTH1746, YTH180, YTH180 XP, YTH183T, YTH1842, YTH1846, YTH1848 XP, YTH184T, YTH18542, YTH18K42, YTH18K46, YTH1942, YTH200, YTH2042, YTH2042 XP, YTH2042TD, YTH20B42T, YTH20F42T, YTH20K42, YTH20K46, YTH20V42, YTH20V46, YTH210 XP, YTH2146, YTH2146 XP, YTH21548, YTH21K42, YTH21K46, YTH220 Twin, YTH223T, YTH2242, YTH2242T, YTH2246, YTH2246TDR, YTH224T, YTH22K42, YTH22K46, YTH22K48, YTH22K54, YTH22V42, YTH22V42LS, YTH22V46, YTH22V46XLS, YTH2348, YTH23K46, YTH23K48, YTH23V42, YTH23V48, YTH2448T, YTH2454, YTH2454T, YTH2454TSC, YTH24K48, YTH24K48D, YTH24K54, YTH24V48, YTH24V54, YTH24V54XLS, YTH2546, YTH2546TD, YTH2548 XP, YTH25K54, YTH26K54, YTH26V54, YTH2754, YTH2754 XP, Z16, Z18, Z254, Z254i, Z4218, Z4219, Z4220, Z4619, Z4824, Z5426, Z554x

For Jonsered

2754GTHI, LGT54, LT2113, LT2113A, LT2114, LT2114A, LT2115, LT2115A, LT2122A2, LT2213, LT2213A, LT2213C, LT2216, LT2216A2, LT2217A, LT2218A, LT2218A2, LT2223A2, LT2226A2, LT2227A2, LT2313, LT2313A, LT2316CM, LT2316CMA2, LT2317A, LT2317A2, LT2317CMA, LT2317CMA2, LT2318CMA2, LT2320A2, LT2323A2, LT2323CMA2, LT2742A2, YT42, YT46, YT48, Z54R

For Lazer

LZ11577, LZ11577HRB, LZ11577RB, LZ11597, LZ12597AK, LZ165107H

For Murray


For Partner

P11577, P11577HRB, P11577RB, P11597, P125107H, P12597, P145107HP, P185107H, P185117H

For Poulan Pro

301ZX, 541ZX, PB10538LT, PB14538LT, PB145G38, PB145G42, PB15542LT, PB155G42, PB17542LT, PB175A42LT, PB175A46, PB175G42, PB185A42, PB185A46LT, PB18VA46, PB19542LT, PB19546LT, PB195A46LT, PB195H42LT, PB195H42LTX, PB195H46YT, PB195H46YTX, PB19H42YT, PB2042YT, PB20A42LT, PB20A46, PB20A46LT, PB20A46YT, PB20H42LT, PB20H42YT, PB20H46LT, PB20H46YT, PB20VA46, PB20VA48, PB22H42YT, PB22H46YT, PB22H46YTX, PB22H48YT, PB22H54BF, PB22H54BFX, PB22H54YT, PB22TH42YT, PB22VA54, PB23H46YT, PB23H48LGT, PB23H48YT, PB24H48YT, PB24TH54YT, PB24VA54, PB26H54YT, PB30, PB301, PB38, PBA19542LT, PBA19542LTX, PBA195H42LT, PBA195H42LTX, PBGT2254, PBGT22H48, PBGT22H54, PBGT2654, PBGT26H54, PBGT26H55, PBGT27H54, PBGTGE, PBLGT2654, PBLGT26H54, PD15538LT, PDGT26H54A, PK20H42YT, PKGTH2554, PP105G30, PP155G42, PP155H42, PP175G42, PP175G46, PP175H46, PP185A42, PP19A42, PP19H42, PP19H46, PP20VA42, PP20VA46, PP20VH48, PP22V48, PP22VA48, PP22VA54, PP22VH46, PP24VA54, PP24VH54, PPLGT2248, PPX19A46, PPX19H46, PPX20VA46, XT18542LT, XT195H42LT, XT19H42YT, XT22H42YT, XT22H48YT

For Poulan

11597, 606140, C20H42YT, PB1638LT, PO10530LT, PO10538LT, PO12530LT, PO12538LT, PO14538LT, PO14542LT, PO15538LT, PO15538LTX, PO15542LT, PO16542LT, PO17452LTX, PO17542LT, PO175A42LT, PO175H42LT, PO18542LT, PO19542LT, PXT12530, PXT12538, PXT15538, PXT155G42, PXT16542, PXT175G42, XT195H42LT

For RedMax

YT1842, YT1846, YT2246

For Statesman

SO1638LT, SO20H42YT, SO21H48YT, SOGT22H48, SOGT26H54, SPGT2254, SPGT22H54, SPGT25H54, SPGT25H54A

For Weed Eater

960180001, 960480001, HD13538, W17542H, WE261, WE301, WELRV1, WELRVBA30

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