Deck Spindle 810-CSP2234N For Murray 1001046 1001200 1001200MA 1001194MA 1001195MA

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CSP2234N

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810-CSP2234N Deck Spindle Product Info:

  • Spindle Specs: Height 7 1/4"; Includes Blade Mounting Hardware? No

Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

1001046, 1001200, 1001200MA, 1001194MA, 1001195MA

810-CSP2234N Fits the Following OEM Models:

For Murray

25622x78C Parklands Sentinel, 385002x108C Rover, 385002x78D, 385048x114, 385048x151, 385048x51A, 385049x51, 405012x108 Rover, 405017x78B Parklands Sentinel, 405021x114, 405021x151, 405021x51, 405606x108D Rover, 405606x78C Parklands Sentinel, 405628x114, 405628x151, 405628x51, 425017x78B Parklands Sentinel, 425307x51A, 425621x108C D Rover, 465307x51, 465624x78B Parklands Sentinel, 465625x108A 46 inch Rover, 65624x108A 46 inch Rover, CLT155420 15.5HP 42 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO, CLT185420 18.5HP 42 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO, CLT20460 20HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, EBL125380G 12.5HP 38 inch Gear Drive Manual, EBL155420H 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro Drive Manual, ELB175460H 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual, ELT125380 12.5HP 38 inch Gear Drive Murray, ELT125380F 12.5HP 38 inch Gear, ELT155420G 15.5HP 42 inch Gear, ELT155420GF 15.5HP 42 inch Gear, ELT155420H 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro, ELT155420HF 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro, ELT175460F 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro, ELT175460H 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro, ELT22460F 22HP 46 inch Hydro, ELT22460H 22HP 46 inch Hydro, EYK125380 12.5HP 38 inch Gear, EYK125380F 12.5HP 38 inch Gear, EYK155420G 15.5HP 42 inch Gear, EYK155420GF 15.5HP 42 inch Gear, EYK155420H 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro, EYK155420HF 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro, EYK175460F 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro, EYK175460H 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro, EYK22460F 22HP 46 inch Hydro, EYK22460H 22HP 46 inch Hydro, FLT185420 42 inch Federated, LT135420C 42 inch Murray, LT155420 15.5HP 42 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO, LT155420C 42 inch Murray, LT185420 18.5HP 42 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO, LT20460 20HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, MT135380 13.5HP 38 inch Gear Drive Murray, MT145380 14.5 Gross HP 38 inch Murray, MT145380 14.5HP 38 inch Parklands, MT155380 15.5HP 38 inch Hydro Drive Murray, MT155380H 15.5HP 38 inch Parklands, MT155420 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro Drive Murray, MT155420H 15.5 Gross HP 42 inch Murray, MT155420H 15.5HP 42 inch Parklands, MT175420 17.5HP 42 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, MT195420 17.5HP 42 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, MT24460 24HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, Parklands 12.5HP 38 inch Hydro, RT125380 12.5HP 38 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO, RT155420 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, RT175460 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, RT195460 19.5HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, RT24460 24HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, -00 MT145380 14.5HP 38 inch King, -00 MT155380 15.5HP 38 inch King, -00 MT155420H 15.5HP 42 inch King, 385000x68A, 385000x68B, 385001x51A, 385002x108A, 385002x108B Rover Clipper, 385002x190A 552544, 385002x190B , 385002x50A, 385002x50B-SW, 385002x50C, 385002x78A, 385002x78B, 385002x78C, 385002x98A, 385003x108 Rover Clipper, 385003x52A, 385004x52A, 385008x51A, 385008x51B, 385008x52A, 385008x52B, 385009x98A, 385009x98B, 385011x50A, 385011x50B, 385011x50C, 385012x68A, 385012x68B, 385013x51A, 385014x98A, 385014x98B, 385015x50A, 385015x50B, 385015x50C, 385016x78A, 385021x53A, 385044x51A-SW, 385047x51A, 38516x53C, 38516x53D, 385300x30A, 405000x31A, 405000x31B, 405000x8A, 405000x8B, 405000x8C, 405000x8D, 405000x8E, 405000x8F, 405000x8G, 405001x78B, 405002x31A, 405002x8A, 405003x50A, 405003x50B, 405003x52A, 405003x52B, 405004x50B, 405004x52A, 405004x99A, 405005x99A, 405005x99B, 405005x99C, 405007x18A, 405007x18B, 405011x48A, 405011x52A, 405011x92A, 405011x92B, 405011x92C, 405012x108A, 405012x108B Rover Clipper, 405012x78A, 405013x50A, 405013x50B-SW, 405013x50C, 405015x92B, 405016x31A, 405017x190A 552545, 405017x190B , 405017x78A, 405017x78B, 405020x51A, 405030x48A, 405030x48B, 405030x48C, 40508x92F, 40508x92G, 40508x92H, 40541F, 40541x99D, 40541x99E, 405600x50A, 405600x50B, 405601x30A, 405601x50A, 405602x51A, 405604x53A, 405605x51A, 405606x108A, 405606x190A 552546, 405606x190B , 405606x50A, 405606x50B-SW, 405606x50C, 405606x78A, 405606x78B, 405607x52A, 405607x78A, 405612x108 Rover Clipper, 405625x51A-SW, 405627x51A, 40567x53B, 425000x8A, 425000x8B, 425001x31A, 425001x8A, 425001x8B, 425001x8C, 425001x8D, 425001x8E, 425001x99A, 425002x99A, 425002x99B, 425004x99A, 425004x99B, 425005x8A, 425005x8B, 425007x92A, 425007x92B, 425007x92C, 425008x31A, 425008x8A, 425009x31A, 425009x8A, 425012x31A, 425013x92A, 425014x92A, 425014x92B, 425014x92C, 425015x92A, 425015x92B, 425016x48A, 425016x78A, 425017x190A 552548, 425017x190B , 425017x24A, 425017x78A, 425018x00A, 425303x92A, 425303x92B, 425306x48A, 425307x24A, 425308x31A, 425600x31A, 425600x48A, 425600x8A, 425601x53B, 425602x50A, 425603x99A, 425604x18A, 425604x18B, 425604x99A, 425604x99C, 425605x683A, 425605x692A, 425605x692B, 425607x52A, 425608x58A, 425611x99C, 425612x99A, 425613x31A, 425613x8A, 425614x92A, 425615x30A, 425615x50A, 425615x50B, 425615x52A, 425615x78A, 425615x99A, 425615x99B, 425618x48A, 425618x48B, 425619x24A, 425619x24B, 425620x92A, 425620x99B, 425621x108A, 425621x108B Rover Clipper, 425621x53A, 425622x50A, 425622x50B-SW, 425622x50C, 425622x78A, 425622x78B, 425624x18A, 425624x190A 552547, 425624x190B , 425638x692A, 425640x50A, 425640x50B-SW, 42576x92D, 42581x58A, 42583x6C, 42590E, 461000x8A, 461001x68A, 461004x92A, 461004x92B, 461005x68A, 461007x92B, 461008x692A, 461008x92A, 461018x99B, 46104x8D, 461603x48A, 461604x99A, 461605x99A, 465305x92B, 465306x31A, 465306x8A, 465306x8B, 465307x31A, 465600x31A, 465600x48A, 465600x8A, 465601x50A, 465601x50B, 465602x31B, 465602x8D, 465603x92A, 465604x50A, 465605x48A, 465605x48B, 465606x683A, 465606x692A, 465606x692B, 465609x24A, 465610x99A, 465614x48A, 465616x6B, 465617A, 465617x51A, 465618x48A, 465621x89A, 465621x89B, 465622x99A, 465624x50A, 465624x78A, 468600x43A, 468602x68A, 521613x89B, 525607x692A, 525607x692B, C950-60470-0 Craftsman, C950-60471-0 Craftsman, C950-60472-0 Craftsman, C950-60473-0 Craftsman, C-A 13.5HP 38 inch Gear Drive Charger, E LT155420 15.5HP 42 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO

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