Deck Spindle 810-CSP2267N For Gravely Great Dane EverRide 00872700 00200262 D18030 00200260

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CSP2267N

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810-CSP2267N Deck Spindle Product Info:

  • Spindle Specs: Height 6"; Includes Blade Mounting Hardware? No

Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

00872700, 00200262, D18030, 00200260

810-CSP2267N Fits the Following OEM Models:

For Ariens

Pro 1636G, Pro 1648G, Pro-Stance 1934FX, Pro-Stance 1948FL, Pro-Zoom 1952S

For EverRide

Fury ZT 48, Fury ZT 52, Fury ZT 61, Scorpion FX 34, Wasp Gear 32, Wasp Gear 36, Wasp Gear 48, Wasp HP 36, Wasp HP 48, Wasp HP 52

For Gravely

Pro 1332G, Pro 1336G, Pro 1536H, Pro 1548G, Pro 1948H, Pro 1952H, Pro-Stance 1934FX, Pro-Stance 1948FL, Pro-Stance 1948FX, Pro-Stance 1952FX, Pro-Stance 2048FL, Pro-Stance 2048FX, Pro-Stance 2052FX, Pro-Stance 2352FL, Pro-Stance 2352FX, Pro-Stance 2452FL, Pro-Stance 48, Pro-Stance 52, Pro-Stance 61, Pro-Walk 32GR, Pro-Walk 36GR, Pro-Walk 36HR, Pro-Walk 48GR, Pro-Walk 48HE, Pro-Walk 52HE, Pro-Walk 61HE

For Great Dane

Chariot 48, Chariot 52, Chariot 61, Chariot LX, Scamper HG 36, Scamper HG 52, Scamper Hydro 36, Scamper Hydro 48, Super Surfer 48, Surfer 34, Surfer 48, Surfer 52

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