LawnRAZOR Mower Blade 810-CBL2213D For Poulan Pro Husqvarna Weed Eater 406713 532406713 850973 | 2-PACK

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CBL2213D

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810-CBL2213D LawnRAZOR Mower Blade Product Info:

  • Blade Specs: Length 22", Center Hole 5/8", Width 2 1/2", Thickness 0.157"

Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

406713, 532406713, 850973, 701213, 532850973, 33219, 917850973MS, 917850973, 917701213MS, 917701213, 91756401, 91733219, 532192682

810-CBL2213D Fits the Following OEM Models:


1220-14, 1226-14, 1227-14, 1229-14, 124F, 4232A29, 425130, 4E379A

For Husqvarna

56DH, 56SF, 56SFEB, 62522FE, 62522SH, 65022ES, HU500N22SH, HU675F, HU700F, HU700H, HU725AWDEX, HU725AWDH, HU800AWDH, J55S, Jet 55, LC356V, XT722FE

For Jonsered

600SD, LM2155MD

For Poulan Pro

961420106, PP675B22ES, PP722SB, PP722SI, PP722SIA, PP722SJ, PP722SJA, PP750HWA, PP750P, PP750PA, PP750PJ, PP750PJA, PP751HI, PP751HIA, PP751HIJ, PP752HI, PP752HIA, PP752PHJA, PP850P, PP850PA, PP850PE, PP850PEA, PR500N22SH, PR550N22SH, PR550N22SHX, PR550Y22S, PR600N22S, PR600N22SH, PR600Y22RHP, PR600Y22RHPC, PR600Y22SHP, PR600Y22SHPC, PR600Y22SHPX, PR625Y21RKP, PR625Y21RKPX, PR625Y22RHP, PR625Y22RHPX, PR625Y22RKP, PR625Y22RKPX, PR625Y22RP, PR625Y22RPX, PR625Y22SHP, PR625Y22SHPX, PR675Y22, XE750HWAR, XE750PAR, XE850PAR, XE850PEAR, XT500Y22SP, XT550N22SH, XT550Y22SP, XT600Y22SHP, XT625Y22RHP, XT625Y22RKP, XT625Y22RP, XT625Y22SHP

For Poulan

PO500N22S, PO500N22SH, PO500N22SHX, PO500N22SX, PO500S, PO550S, PO550SH, PXT22

For Roper Rally

3A101A, 3A201B, 3C209A, 3D209A, 3P209A

For Weed Eater

961120116, 961140003, 961140004, 961140012, 961140013, 961140015, 961140016, 961140018, 961190001, 961190002, 961240002, 961240003

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