Drive Belt 810-CBL2337T For AYP Weed Eater Poulan Pro 130801 138255 532138255 160855 21547082

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CBL2337T

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Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

130801, 138255, 532138255, 160855, 21547082, 532130801, 532160855, 577203116, 24102, 21547026, 583271401, 5321308-01

810-CBL2337T Fits the Following OEM Models:

For Agway

AG15538A, AG15538B, AG17542STA, AG17542STB

For Ariens

30 inch Gear, 42 inch Gear


2C3B1A, 2C3B1B, 2D3B3B, 2D3B3C, 2D3B3D, 2E3B3B, 2E3B3C, 2E3B3D, 2H4B3A, 2H4B3B, 2H4B3C, 2H4B3E, 2H4D3A, 2H4D3B, 2H4D3C, 2K4B3A, 2K4B9A, 2P4B9A, 2P4B9B, 2P4C3A, 2Q4B9A, 2Q4B9B, 3420-44, 3420-54, 3420-64, 3420-74, 3420-74A, 3420-74B, 3420-84, 4200-44, 4200V-44, 4200V-54, 425170, 425171, 440500, 440501, 7124A89, 7134A99, 7143A89, 7143A99, 7143B89, 7169A99, 7169B99, 7177A89, 7178B99, 7178C99, 7187A89, 7187A99, 7H4B8A, 951941, AB13107B, CH1238B, CH14542A, CH14542B, CHD12538A, CHD12538B, CHD12538C, CHD12538D, CHD14542A, CLT4216B, CM1238A, CS12538A, CT1238B, CT1238C, CT1238D, CT12542A, CT12542B, CT12542C, CT12542D, CT12542E, CT12542F, CT12542G, CT12542H, CT12542J, CT12542K, CT12542L, CT12542M, CT12542N, CT12542P, CT12542R, CT12542S, CT12T38A, CT12T38B, CT12T38C, CT12T38D, CT12T38E, CT1442A, CT14538A, CT14538B, CT14538C, CT14538D, CT14538E, CT14542A, CT14542B, CT14542C, CT14542D, CT14542E, CT14542F, CT14542G, CT14542H, CT1642A, CT1842A, CT2050B, CTW14542A, DE1242A, GM1442A, HALT150E, HD14542A, HD14542B, HD2G4E8A, HD2G4E8B, HD3K4E9A, HD3L4E9A, HD3L4E9B, HD3Q4E9A, HD3Q4E9B, HDC12538A, HDC12538B, HDC12538C, HDT1542A, LM145H42A, LT150, LT4216A, LT4216B, LT4216C, LT4216D, LT4216E, LT4216F, LT4218A, LT4218B, LT4218C, LT4218D, RE1242A, RE1242B, RE12538B, RE12542A, RE1442A, RE14542D, SE1342A, SE1342B, SN14542D, T1138A, T1238A, T1238E, T1238F, T12542A, T12542B, T12542C, T12542D, T12542E, T12542F, T1254B, T1444E, TP1946A, WX1238A, WX12542A, WX1842A, Y12538B, Y12542D, Y12542E, Y12542G, Y2050D, Y2050E, Y20H50A, Y20V50A, Y20VH50A, YC12542A, YE12542B, YE1442A, YP1342A, YP1342B, YP1342C, YP1342D, YP1342E, YP1542A, YP1542B, YP1542C, YP1946A, YP1946B, YP1946C, YPB1742A

For Central Park

CP12542LTA, CP125T38A, CP1442A, CP1442B, CP14542A, CP14542B, CP14542C, CP1642A, CP1842A, CP1842D

For Craftsman

917.252500, 917.252520, 917.252521, 917.252580

For Huskee

TS2051C, TS20H50A, TS20H50B, TS20V51A, TS20VH50A

For Husqvarna

CT126, GT200, GTH200, LT120, LT1238, LT125, LT126, LT130, LT131, LT135, LT141, LT150, LT151, LT152, LT1536, LT1538, LT1597, LT16542, LT18542, LT2213, LTH151, R52S, RE11597, Rider 11, SRD17530, YT130, YT150, YT155, YT180, YT190, YTH180

For Jonsered

LT12, LT13, LT14, LT15, LT15-42, LT16, LT2112, LT2113, LT2113CM, LT2114, LT2115, LT2213, LT2213C, LT2216, LT2217A

For Lazer

LZ11577RB, LZ11597, LZ12597AK

For Murray

425014X92E, M14542A, M14542B, MB12538LT, MB1842LT, MBA16107A, MBA16107B

For Partner

P11577, P11577RB, P11597, P12597

For Poulan Pro

BB18542LT, CN1842STA, CO17542LT, CO1842STA, CO18542STA, CO18542STB, CO18542STC, DB18542YT, HD17542, HD1842, PB14538LT, PB145G38, PB155G42, PB17542LT, PB19542LT, PBA19542LT, PC1338A, PC14542A, PC14542B, PC14542C, PC14542D, PC1538A, PC1538B, PC1538C, PC1538D, PC1742STA, PC1742STB, PD15538LT, PD17542LT, PD1842STA, PD18542STA, PD18542STB, PD2042STA, PDB1842STA, PK1942LT, PK1942YT, PP1242, PP1242A, PP12542J, PP12542JA, PP1338, PP1338A, PP1338B, PP1338D, PP1442, PP14542K, PP14542KB, PP1644J, PP1644JA, PP1844K, PP1844KA, PP20H50J, PP20H50JA, PPR14542A, PPR14542B, PPR1742STA, PPR1742STB, PPR1742STC, PPR2042STA, PPR2042STB, PPR2042STC, PR1642STA, PR1742STA, PR1742STB, PR1742STC, PR1742STD, PR1742STE, PR1742STF, PR17542STA, PR17542STC, PR1842STA, PR1842STB, PR1842STC, PR1842STD, PR18542STA, PR18542STB, PR18542STC, PR2042STA, PRK17G42STA, PRK17G42STB, XT18542LT

For Poulan

11597, 270450, 270451, 271150, 271190, 271470, 271471, 271490, 271491, 279370, 3420-54, 3420-64, 3420-74, 3420-74A, 3420-74B, 3420-84, 606140, PB1638LT, PB1842LT, PB1842LY, PB18542LT, PO10530LT, PO12530LT, PO12538LT, PO13T38A, PO14538LT, PO14542A, PO14542B, PO14542C, PO14542D, PO14542E, PO14542LT, PO1538A, PO1538B, PO1538C, PO1538D, PO15538A, PO15538B, PO15538C, PO15538D, PO15538LT, PO15538LTX, PO15542LT, PO16542A, PO16542B, PO16542LT, PO1742STA, PO1742STB, PO1742STC, PO17542LT, PO17542STA, PO17542STB, PO17542STC, PO17542STD, PO1842STA, PO18542LT, PO19542LT, PXT12530, PXT12538, PXT15538, PXT155G42, PXT16542, PXT175G42, Y1242C, Y1242D, Y12R38B, Y1442A, Y1442B, Y1642A, Y1846A, Y18542A

For Quality Farm & Country

Q12538A, Q12538B, Q12538C, Q14542A, Q14542B, Q14542C

For Ranch King


For Roper Rally

AK12542C, AK12542D, R1238A, R1238B, R14542A, R14542B, R14542C, R14542D, RA13538A, RA13538B, RL1242A, RL12N38C, RL1442A, RL1842A, RPL2H4E3A, RPL2Q4E9A, UM15H42D

For Roper


For Statesman

SO1538A, SO1542A, SO15538A, SO15538B, SO15538LT, SO1638LT, SO1742STA, SO17542LT, SO17542STA, SO17542STB

For Weed Eater

259720, 259721, 259722, 259723, 259724, 960180001, 960480001, HD12538A, HD12538B, HD12538C, HD12538D, HD12538E, HD12538F, HD12538G, HD12538H, HD12538J, HD13538, HD1442A, HDT1338A, WE12538B, WE12538C, WE12538D, WE12538E, WE12538F, WE12538G, WE12538H, WE12538J, WE12538K, WE12538M, WE12542A, WE12542B, WE12542C, WE12542D, WE12542E, WE12542F, WE125N38A, WE12N38A, WE12N38C, WE12N38D, WE12N38E, WE1338A, WE13538LT, WE13T38A, WE13T38B, WE13T38C, WE13T38D, WE1442A, WE14542A, WE14542C, WE14542D, WE14542E, WE14542F, WE14542G, WE14542GH, WE14542J, WE14542K, WE14542L, WE1538A, WE1538B, WE1538C, WE15T42A, WE1642A, WE1642B, WE16542A, WE16542B, WE16542D, WE165T42A, WE1842A, WE18542A, WE18542B, WE18542C, WE18542D, WE18542E, WE18542F, WE18546A, WE2050A, WEG1238A, WEG14PL42A, WEG1842A, WER14542A, WET12538A, WET1338A, WET1338B, WET13T38A, WET14542A, WET1642A, WET1642B, WET1742A, WET1742B, WET1742STA, WET1742STB, WET2242STA, WET2242STB, WET2242STC, WET2242STD, WEX1242B, WEX1242C, WEY12542A

For Winston Pro

WP1238A, WP1238B, WP1238C, WP1238D, WP1238E, WP1238F, WP12542A, WP12542C, WP1254C, WP1442A, WP14542A, WP14542B, WP14542C, WP14542E, WP14542F, WP145H42G

For Wizard

AYP1124A69, AYP1143A69, AYP1184A69, AYP7124A49, AYP7124A59, AYP7124A69, AYP7124A79, AYP7124B59, AYP7124B79, AYP7143A49, AYP7143A59, AYP7143A69, AYP7143A79, AYP7143B49, AYP7143B59, AYP7143B79, AYP7143C49, AYP7143C79, AYP7147A29, AYP7147B29, AYP7148A49, AYP7157A79, AYP7157B79, AYP7158A49, AYP7159A59, AYP7159A69, AYP7167A59, AYP7167A69, AYP7167A79, AYP7167B79, AYP7167C79, AYP7183A49, AYP7184A59, AYP7184A69, AYP8209A49, AYP8228A49, WA1338A, WA15542A, WA1742STA

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