Flat Idler Pulley 810-CID2228L For Cub Cadet Troy-Bilt John Deere GY20629 756-05034 GY20110 GY22082

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CID2228L

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Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

GY20629, 756-05034, GY20110, GY22082, 756-05034A

810-CID2228L Fits the Following OEM Models:

For Columbia

CGT-5426, CGT-5426 FAB, CLT42G, CLT42H, CLT46CVT, CSLT5424, CYT4220, CYT4220SE, CYT4622SE, CYT4622SE EFI, CYT5023SE, CZT-L50, LT-36G, N-RZT-34, SP28S, ZT-L50 KH, ZT-L50 KH FAB, ZT-L54 KH, ZT-S46 KH, ZT-S54 KH

For Craftsman

G8200, G8300, G8400, G8600, M410, M430, Pro Series 28 inch, T100, T1000, T105, T107, T110, T1100, T1200, T130, T1300, T135, T140, T1400, T150, T1500, T1600, T1700, T1800, T1900, T210, T2100, T225, T240, T260, T2600, T2700, T2800, T3000, T310, T3100, T3200, T7800, T8000, T8200, T8400, T85, T8600, Z510, Z5200, Z530, Z5400, Z5450, Z550, Z560, Z5600, Z5650, Z5800, Z6400, Z6600, Z6900, ZS6700

For Cub Cadet

CC600, LGT-1050, LGTX-1050, LTX-1050, RZT-L34, RZT-L46, RZT-L46 Fab, RZT-L50, RZT-L54, RZT-L54 Fab, RZT-LX46 Fab, RZT-LX50 Fab, RZT-LX54 Fab, RZT-S46, RZT-S46 Fab, RZT-S50, RZT-S54, RZT-S54 Fab, RZT-SX42 EFI, RZT-SX46 EFI Fab, RZT-SX46 Fab, RZT-SX50 EFI Fab, RZT-SX50 Fab, RZT-SX54 Fab, XT1-GT50, XT1-GT54 Fab, XT1-LT42, XT1-LT42 EFI, XT1-LT42C, XT1-LT46, XT1-LT46 EFI Fab, XT1-LT46 Fab, XT1-LT50, XT1-LT50 Fab, XT1-LT54, XT1-LT54 Fab, XT1-ST54 Fab, XT2-GX50 Fab, XT2-GX54 Fab, XT2-GX54D Fab, XT2-LX42, XT2-LX42 EFI, XT2-LX42 Fab, XT2-LX46, XT2-LX46 EFI Fab, XT2-LX46 Fab, XT2-LX46 LE Fab, XT2-LX50, XT2-LX54, XT2-LX54 Fab, XT2-SLX50, XT2-SLX50 EFI, XT2-SLX50 EFI Fab, XT2-SLX50 Fab, XT2-SLX54 Fab, ZT1-42, ZT1-42 Fab, ZT1-46, ZT1-46 Fab, ZT1-50 Fab, ZT1-54 Fab, ZT1-54P Fab, ZT2-50 Fab, ZT2-54 Fab, ZT2-60 Fab, ZT3-60 Fab, ZTS1-42 Fab, ZTS2-54 Fab, ZTX4-48 Fab, ZTX4-54 Fab, ZTX4-60 Fab, ZTX5-48 Fab, ZTX5-54 Fab, ZTX5-60 Fab, ZTX6-48 Fab, ZTX6-54 Fab, ZTX6-60 Fab

For DeWalt

Z148, Z160, Z254, Z260

For Huskee

LT-4200, LT-4600

For John Deere

102, 105, 107S, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155C, 190C, D100, D105, D110, D120, D125, D130, D140, D150, D155, D160, D170, E100, E110, E120, E130, E140, E150, E160, E170, E180, G110, L100, L105, L107, L108, L110, L111, L118, L120, L130, LA100, LA105, LA110, LA115, LA120, LA125, LA130, LA135, LA140, LA145, LA150, LA155, LA165, LA175, S240, X105, X106, X110, X120, X125, X126, X140, X145, X165, X166, Z225 EZTrak 42 inch Deck, Z235 EZTrak 42C Deck

For Mastercut


For MTD Gold


For Murray

M115-42, M155-34, M155-42, M1642, M175-42, M200-46 RZT46

For Remington



108-14.5, 108-17HS

For Sabre

14.542GS, 1642HS, 17.542HS, 1742HS

For Scotts

L17.542, L1742, L2048, L2548

For Snapper


For Troy-Bilt

Bronco, Bronco 42 Auto, Bronco 42X Auto, Bronco 46 Auto, Bronco 46B, Bronco 46K, Bronco 46T Auto, Bronco 46X, Horse, Horse 42 Hydro, Horse 46 Auto, Horse 46 Hydro, Horse 46XP Hydro, Horse XP, Mustang 46 XP, Mustang 50 XP, Mustang 54 XP, Mustang 54XP, Mustang Fit 34, Mustang Pivot 46, Mustang Pivot S 46, Mustang XP 46, Mustang XP 46 FAB, Mustang XP 50, Mustang XP 50 FAB, Mustang XP 54, Mustang XP Pivot S 46, Mustang XP Pivot S 54, Mustang Z42, Mustang Z46, Mustang Z50, Mustang Z54, Pony, Pony 36, Pony 36T, Pony 42, Pony 42B, Pony 42K, Pony 42T, Pony 42X, Super Bronco 42 Hydro, Super Bronco 42XP, Super Bronco 46 Hydro, Super Bronco 46B XP, Super Bronco 46XP, Super Bronco 46XP FAB, Super Bronco 50, Super Bronco 50 Hydro, Super Bronco 50XP, Super Bronco 50XP Hydro, Super Bronco 54, Super Bronco 54 FAB, Super Bronco 54 Hydro, Super Bronco 54XP, Super Bronco 54XP FAB, Super Bronco GT-54 FAB, TB1942, TB2246, TB2350, TB2454, TB42, TB42 7-Speed, TB42 Hydro, TB46, TB46 Hydro, TBWC28

For Yard-Machines

770S, 775S, LT-42, RZT-34

For Yard-Man

LT-42, LT-46

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