Flat Idler Pulley Set 810-CID2232L For Husqvarna AYP Poulan Pro 173901 532173901 156493 532156493 | 2-PACK

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CID2232L

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810-CID2232L Flat Idler Pulley Set Product Info:

  • Idler Specs: Height 1 3/8"

Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

173901, 532173901, 156493, 532156493

810-CID2232L Fits the Following OEM Models:


4186-74, 4186-74A, 8188A89, 8188B89, 8196A89, 8196A99, 8196B89, CSGT18546A, CT18546A, CT18546B, CT46185A, CT46185B, HDC185H46A, HDC185H46B, TP1946A, YGT1846B, YGT18H46B, YGT18H46C, YGT2046A, YGT2046B, YGT2046C, YGT2046D, YGT20D46A, YGT20H46A, YGTB18546A, YP1946A, YP1946B, YP1946C, YPQGT20H46A, YPQGT22H46A

For Husqvarna

281, GTH200, GTH200 A, GTH200 B, GTH200 C, GTH200 D, GTH225, GTH225 A, GTVH200, GTVH200 B, GTVH205, GTVH205 A, GTVH205 B, YTH1746, YTH1746A, YTH1746B, YTH180, YTH180 A, YTH180 B, YTH180 C, YTH180 D, YTH180 E, YTH180 F, YTH180 G, YTH180 H, YTH180 HCYTH180C, YTH180 HCYTH180E, YTH2046, YTH2046A, YTH2046B, YTHK1746A, YTHK1746B

For Jonsered


For Poulan Pro

DPR20H46STA, DPR20H46STB, DPR22H46STA, DPR22H46STB, PP16H46, PP16H46A, PP16H46B, PP1846, PP1846A, PP18H46, PP18H46A, PP18H46B, PP20H46, PP20H46A, PPR20H46STA, PR20H46STA, PRGT2046A, PRGT2046B

For Poulan

HD185H46A, HD185H46B

For Quality Farm & Country

YPQ185H46A, YPQ20H46A

For Quality Pro

QP20H46A, QP20H46B, QPGT22H46A, QPGT22H46B

For Ranch King

RK185H46A, RK20H46A, RKGT20H46A, RKGT22H46A

For Roper Rally


For Weed Eater

SGT18H46A, SGT18H46B, SGT18H46C, WE18546A, WE185H46A, WE185H46B

For Wizard

9209A99, AYP8186A79, AYP8186B79, AYP8188A79, WZ185H46B

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