Idler Pulley 810-CID2241L For Murray Gravely Ariens 07300039 07350100 07300006 D18314 300841 774089

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CID2241L

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Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

07300039, 07350100, 07300006, D18314, 300841, 774089, 07306100, 774091MA, 091801, 091801MA, 23238, 7076500YP, 07300111, 423238MA, 7076688, 7076500

810-CID2241L Fits the Following OEM Models:

For Ariens

915281 000101 Edge 34 inch, 915283 000101 Edge 42, 915285 000101 Edge 52 inch, 918002 000101 Ikon 42 inch, 918003 000101 Ikon 48, 918004 000101 Ikon 52, 918005 000101 Ikon 52, 918006 000101 Ikon 60, 918026 030000 Ikon Onyx 52, Edge 34, Edge 42, Edge 52, HVZ 1840, HVZ 2350, Ikon-X 42, Ikon-X 52, Ikon-XD 42, Ikon-XD 52, Ikon-XD 52 Limited Edition, Ikon-XD 60, Ikon-XL 42, Ikon-XL 52, Ikon-XL 60, Mini-Zoom 1540, Pro 1636G, Pro 1648G, Pro-Master 252Z, Pro-Master 260Z, Pro-Master 272Z, Pro-Stance 1934FX, Pro-Stance 1948FL, Pro-Zoom 1952S, WAW 1034, WAW 34, Zoom 1334, Zoom 1540, Zoom 1634, Zoom 1640, Zoom 1744, Zoom 1840, Zoom 2040, Zoom 2044, Zoom 2150, Zoom 2250, Zoom 2348, Zoom 2350, Zoom 2450, Zoom 2552, Zoom 34, Zoom 42, Zoom 50, Zoom XL 1842, Zoom XL 1844, Zoom XL 2042, Zoom XL 2044, Zoom XL 2148, Zoom XL 2348, Zoom XL 2448, Zoom XL 2548, Zoom XL 42, Zoom XL 48, Zoom XL 54

For EverRide

Scorpion FX 34, Wasp Gear 32, Wasp Gear 36, Wasp Gear 48, Yellow Jacket YJ1840, Yellow Jacket YJ2040, Yellow Jacket YJ2044, Yellow Jacket YJ2348, Yellow Jacket YJ2550

For Exmark

Explorer, Standard Five Speed, Turf Ranger 1800, Turf Tracer 1800 Five Speed, Turf Tracer Five Speed, Variable Speed

For Gravely

915255 030000 59999 ZTX 42, 915256 030000 59999 ZTX 52, 915257 030000 59999 ZTX 52, 915274 030000 ZTX 60, 918007 000101 004999 ZT X 42, 918007 005000 ZT X 42, 918008 000101 004999 ZT X 42, 918008 005000 ZT X 42, 918009 000101 004999 ZT X 48, 918009 005000 ZT X 48, 918010 00101 004999 ZT X 52, 918010 05000 ZT X 52, 918011 000101 004999 ZT X 52, 918011 005000 ZT X 42 52, 918012 000101 004999 ZT XL 42 inch, 918012 005000 ZT XL 42 inch, 918013 000101 004999 ZT XL 48 inch, 918013 005000 ZT XL 48 inch, 918014 000101 004999 ZT XL 52 inch, 918014 005000 ZT XL 52 inch, 918015 000101 004999 ZT XL 52 inch, 918015 005000 ZT XL 52 inch, 918016 000101 004999 ZT XL 60 inch, 918016 005000 ZT XL 60 inch, HVZ 1840, HVZ 2350, Mini-ZT 1540, Pro 1332G, Pro 1336G, Pro 1548G, Pro-Master 252Z, Pro-Master 260Z, Pro-Master 260Z XDZ, Pro-Master 272Z, Pro-Master 272Z XDZ, Pro-Master 44M, Pro-Stance 1934FX, Pro-Stance 1948FL, Pro-Stance 1948FX, Pro-Stance 1952FX, Pro-Stance 2048FL, Pro-Stance 2048FX, Pro-Stance 2052FX, Pro-Stance 2352FL, Pro-Stance 2352FX, Pro-Stance 2452FL, Pro-Stance 48, Pro-Stance 52, Pro-Stance 60, Pro-Walk 32GR, Pro-Walk 36GR, Pro-Walk 36HR, Pro-Walk 48GR, Pro-Walk 48HE, Pro-Walk 52HE, Pro-Walk 61HE, WAW 1034, WAW 34, ZT 1334, ZT 1634, ZT 1640, ZT 1734, ZT 1840, ZT 2040, ZT 2044, ZT 2250, ZT 2348, ZT 2350, ZT 2450, ZT 2552, ZT 34, ZT 42, ZT 50, ZT XL 1634, ZT XL 1734, ZT XL 1842, ZT XL 1844, ZT XL 2042, ZT XL 2044, ZT XL 2148, ZT XL 2348, ZT XL 2448, ZT XL 2548, ZT XL 2554, ZT XL 42, ZT XL 48, ZT XL 52, ZT XL 54, ZT XL 60, ZT XLP 2044, ZT XLP 2348, ZTX 42, ZTX 52, ZTX 52 Stealth, ZTX 60

For Great Dane

GD1840, GD2044, GD2348, Scamper HG 36, Super Surfer 48, Surfer 34, Surfer 48, Surfer 52

For Husqvarna

4125G, 4125H, 4140G, 4140H, LT1000-14, LT4140, LT4140G, LT4140H

For John Deere

647 Quik-Trak 48 inch Deck, 657 Quik-Trak 54 inch Deck, 667 Quik-Trak 60 inch Deck, WG32A 32 inch Commercial, WG36A 36 inch Commercial, WG48A 48 inch Commercial, WH36A 36 inch Commercial, WHP36A 36 inch Commercial

For Murray

1x115A Agroma CE, 1x51A, 25622x78C Parklands Sentinel, 31x51A, 31x66A King, 31x78C Parklands Sentinel, 385002x108C Rover, 385002x78D, 385048x114, 385048x151, 385048x51A, 385049x51, 405012x108 Rover, 405017x78B Parklands Sentinel, 405021x114, 405021x151, 405021x51, 405606x108D Rover, 405606x78C Parklands Sentinel, 405628x114, 405628x151, 405628x51, 425017x78B Parklands Sentinel, 425307x51A, 425621x108C D Rover, 465307x51, 465624x78B Parklands Sentinel, 465625x108A 46 inch Rover, 65624x108A 46 inch Rover, CLT155420 15.5HP 42 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO, CLT185420 18.5HP 42 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO, CLT20460 20HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, EBL125380G 12.5HP 38 inch Gear Drive Manual, EBL155420H 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro Drive Manual, ELB175460H 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual, ELT125380 12.5HP 38 inch Gear Drive Murray, ELT125380F 12.5HP 38 inch Gear, ELT155420G 15.5HP 42 inch Gear, ELT155420GF 15.5HP 42 inch Gear, ELT155420H 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro, ELT155420HF 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro, ELT175460F 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro, ELT175460H 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro, ELT22460F 22HP 46 inch Hydro, ELT22460H 22HP 46 inch Hydro, EYK125380 12.5HP 38 inch Gear, EYK125380F 12.5HP 38 inch Gear, EYK155420G 15.5HP 42 inch Gear, EYK155420GF 15.5HP 42 inch Gear, EYK155420H 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro, EYK155420HF 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro, EYK175460F 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro, EYK175460H 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro, EYK22460F 22HP 46 inch Hydro, EYK22460H 22HP 46 inch Hydro, FLT185420 42 inch Federated, LT135420C 42 inch Murray, LT155420 15.5HP 42 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO, LT155420C 42 inch Murray, LT185420 18.5HP 42 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO, LT20460 20HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, MT135380 13.5HP 38 inch Gear Drive Murray, MT145380 14.5 Gross HP 38 inch Murray, MT145380 14.5HP 38 inch Parklands, MT155380 15.5HP 38 inch Hydro Drive Murray, MT155380H 15.5HP 38 inch Parklands, MT155420 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro Drive Murray, MT155420H 15.5 Gross HP 42 inch Murray, MT155420H 15.5HP 42 inch Parklands, MT175420 17.5HP 42 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, MT195420 17.5HP 42 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, MT24460 24HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, Parklands 12.5HP 38 inch Hydro, RT125380 12.5HP 38 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO, RT155420 15.5HP 42 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, RT175460 17.5HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, RT195460 19.5HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, RT24460 24HP 46 inch Hydro Drive Manual PTO, -00 MT145380 14.5HP 38 inch King, -00 MT155380 15.5HP 38 inch King, -00 MT155420H 15.5HP 42 inch King, 31200x11A, 31200x11B, 31200x50A, 31200x50B, 31200x50C, 31201x51A, 31201x51B, 31201x51C, 31201x98A, 31201x98B, 31201x98C, 31621x70G, 31720x11B, 31720x11C, 31720x20E, 31720x51A, 31720x51B, 31720x51C, 31721x88A, 31722x95A, 31x11A, 31x190A 552550, 31x190B , 31x50A, 31x50B, 31x50B-SW, 31x50C, 31x68A, 31x68B, 31x78B, 31x98A, 31x98B, 385000x68A, 385000x68B, 385001x51A, 385002x108A, 385002x190A 552544, 385002x190B , 385002x50A, 385002x50B-SW, 385002x50C, 385002x78A, 385002x78B, 385002x78C, 385002x98A, 385003x108 Rover Clipper, 385003x52A, 385004x52A, 385008x51A, 385008x51B, 385008x52A, 385008x52B, 385009x98A, 385009x98B, 38500A, 38500B, 38500x192A, 38500x192B, 38500x30A, 38500x83A, 38500x92A, 38500x92B, 385011x50A, 385011x50B, 385011x50C, 385012x68A, 385012x68B, 385013x51A, 385014x98A, 385014x98B, 385015x50A, 385015x50B, 385015x50C, 385016x78A, 38501x50A, 38501x50B, 38501x50C, 38501x50D, 38501x50E, 385021x53A, 38502x51A, 38502x51B, 38502x51C, 38502x51D, 38502x51E, 38502x52A, 38502x66A, 38502x67A, 38502x70A, 38502x86A, 38502x86B, 38502x98A, 38502x98B, 38502x98C, 38502x98D, 385044x51A-SW, 385047x51A, 38504A, 38504x25A, 38506x199A, 38506x4A, 38510x50A, 38510x50B, 38510x59A, 38514x95A, 38515x83A, 38515x92A, 38515x92B, 38516x29A, 38516x29B, 38516x52A, 38516x52B, 38516x53B, 38516x53C, 38516x53D, 38516x70A, 385300x30A, 38560x181A, 38560x181B, 38560x81A, 38602x66F, 38602x70H, 38602x70J, 38623x5C, 38623x5D, 38632x66B, 38633x92A, 38633x92B, 387000x00A, 387000x92A, 387001x00A, 387002x83A, 387002x92A, 387002x92C, 387002x92D, 387002x92NA, 387003x8A, 387004x48A, 38702x20D, 38702x20E, 38702x7A, 38702x7B, 38702x8D, 38702x8E, 38705A, 38705x30A, 38705x5B, 38706A, 38706x99A, 38706x99B, 38710A, 38710B, 38710x52A, 38710x99A, 38711x20A, 38711x20B, 38711x20C, 38711x29A, 38711x29B, 38711x42A, 38711x44A, 38711x52A, 38711x66A, 38711x66C, 38711x67A, 38711x67B, 38711x67C, 38711x73A, 38711x73B, 38711x73C, 38711x96A, 38712x53A, 38712x66A, 38713x71A, 38714x51A, 38714x51B, 38715A, 38715B, 38715x82A, 38716x82A, 38717x53A MT432T, 39711x97A, 405000x31A, 405000x31B, 405000x8A, 405000x8B, 405000x8C, 405000x8E, 405000x8F, 405000x8G, 405001x78B, 405002x31A, 405002x8A, 405003x50A, 405003x50B, 405003x52A, 405003x52B, 405004x50B, 405004x52A, 405004x99A, 405005x99A, 405005x99B, 405005x99C, 405007x18A, 405007x18B, 405011x48A, 405011x52A, 405011x92A, 405011x92B, 405011x92C, 405012x108A, 405012x78A, 405013x50A, 405013x50B-SW, 405013x50C, 405014x92A, 405015x92A, 405015x92B, 405016x31A, 405017x190A 552545, 405017x190B , 405017x78A, 405017x78B, 405019x50A, 40501x30A, 405020x51A, 40502x50A, 40502x50B, 40502x50C, 405030x48A, 405030x48B, 405030x48C, 40503x88A, 40503x88B, 40503x88B VRO40-12GXT, 40504x92A, 40505x95A, 40506x88A, 40506x88B, 40507x14A, 40507x31A, 40507x31B, 40507x8A, 40507x8B, 40507x8C, 40508x52A, 40508x92A, 40508x92B, 40508x92C, 40508x92D, 40508x92E, 40508x92F, 40508x92G, 40508x92H, 40509x92A, 40510x50A, 40510x50B, 40530x192A, 40530x51A, 40530x51B, 40530x51C, 40530x83A, 40530x92A, 40531x50A, 40531x59A, 40536x4A, 40538A, 40541A, 40541C, 40541D, 40541E, 40541F, 40541x30A, 40541x99A, 40541x99B, 40541x99C, 40541x99D, 40541x99E, 40542A, 40542B, 40542C, 40542D, 40542E, 405600x50A, 405600x50B, 405601x30A, 405601x50A, 405602x51A, 405604x53A, 405605x51A, 405606x108A, 405606x190A 552546, 405606x190B , 405606x50A, 405606x50B-SW, 405606x50C, 405606x78A, 405606x78B, 405607x52A, 405607x78A, 40560x50A, 40560x50B, 40560x50C, 40560x50D, 40560x50E, 405612x108 Rover Clipper, 405618x81A, 40561x51A, 405625x51A-SW, 405627x51A, 40563x86A, 40563x88A, 40564x51A, 40564x51B, 40564x51C, 40564x51D, 40564x86A, 40564x88A, 40564x88B, 40566x95A, 40567x53B, 40614B, 40614C, 40615x66A, 40706A, 40706B, 40708C, 40708Cx192B, 40708Cx92B, 40708x20C, 40708x20D, 40708x8A, 40708x8B, 40708x92A, 40715x199A, 40715x199B, 40715x99A, 40715x99B, 40717A, 40815x70B, 40900x20C, 40900x20D, 40901x70C, 40901x70D, 40907x20B, 40907x20C, 40908x70B, 40908x70C, 40910B, 425000x8A, 425000x8B, 425001x31A, 425001x8A, 425001x8B, 425001x8C, 425001x8D, 425001x8E, 425001x99A, 425002x99A, 425003x31A, 425003x71A, 425003x8A, 425004x99A, 425004x99B, 425005x8A, 425005x8B, 425007x92A, 425007x92B, 425007x92C, 425008x31A, 425008x8A, 425009x31A, 425009x8A, 42500A, 42500B, 42500C, 42500D, 42500x30A, 42500x30B, 42500x82A, 42500x82B, 42500x99A, 425012x31A, 425013x92A, 425014x92A, 425014x92B, 425014x92C, 425015x92A, 425015x92B, 425016x48A, 425016x78A, 425017x190A 552548, 425017x190B , 425017x24A, 425017x78A, 425018x00A, 42504x71A, 42504x71B, 42504x99A, 42504x99B, 42505x92A, 42506x92A, 42508x92A, 42509x92B, 42510A, 42511x4A, 42511x4B, 42512x99A, 42514x31A, 42514x8A, 42515x92A, 42515x92B, 42516x92A, 42516x92B, 42517x82A, 425303x92A, 425303x92B, 425306x48A, 425307x24A, 425308x31A, 42532x50A, 42533x30A, 42534A, 42534x18A, 42534x25A, 42534x30A, 42536x192A, 42536x92A, 42537A, 42537x18A, 42538x30A, 42539A, 42539x18A, 42539x92A, 42541B, 42542C, 42542x6A, 42543x6A, 42544x31A, 42544x8A, 42544x8B, 42544x8C, 42544x8D, 42544x8E, 42544x8F, 42544x8G, 42544x99A, 42545x29A, 42545x29B, 425600x31A, 425600x48A, 425600x8A, 425601x53B, 425602x50A, 425603x99A, 425604x18A, 425604x18B, 425604x99A, 425604x99C, 425605x683A, 425605x692A, 425605x692B, 425607x52A, 42560x192A, 42560x192B, 42560x30A, 42560x52A, 42560x83A, 42560x92A, 42560x92B, 425610x99A, 425610x99B, 425611x99A, 425611x99B, 425611x99C, 425612x99A, 425613x31A, 425613x8A, 425614A, 425614x92A, 425615x30A, 425615x50A, 425615x50B, 425615x52A, 425615x78A, 425615x99B, 425618x48A, 425619x24A, 425619x24B, 425620x92A, 425621x108A, 425621x53A, 425622x50A, 425622x50B-SW, 425622x50C, 425622x78A, 425622x78B, 425624x18A, 425624x190A 552547, 425624x190B , 425638x692A, 425640x50A, 425640x50B-SW, 42564x50A, 42564x59A, 42567x30A, 42567x6A, 42568x50A, 42568x59A, 42569x4A, 42569x6A, 42570x18A, 42571x14A, 42571x14B, 42571x31A, 42571x31B, 42571x8A, 42571x8B, 42571x8C, 42571x8D, 42572x31A, 42572x8A, 42575x81A, 42575x81B, 42576x92A, 42576x92B, 42576x92C, 42576x92D, 42578x30A, 42578x6A, 42581x95A, 42583A, 42583B, 42583C, 42583x30A, 42583x30B, 42583x6A, 42583x6B, 42583x6C, 42583x82A, 42583x82C, 42583x9A, 42586x8A, 42586x9A, 42588x29A, 42588x52A, 42588x52B, 42588x70A, 42589x8, 42590A, 42590B, 42590C, 42590E, 42590x92A, 42590x92B, 42591x31A, 42591x86A, 42591x86B, 42591x86C, 42591x88A, 42591x88B VRO4216HX, 42591x8A, 42591x8B, 42591x92A, 42597x95A, 42598x92A, 42803x5A, 42816B, 42816C, 42816D, 42819A, 42819B, 42819x30A, 42819x62A, 42819x7B, 42819x8B, 42820x24A, 42823A, 42827x199A, 42827x199B, 42827x99A, 42827x99B, 42828x8A, 42828x8B, 42829A, 42829B, 42830A, 42830B, 42910A, 42910Ax92A, 42910x192A, 42910x192B, 42910x192C, 42910x30A, 42910x92A, 42910x92B, 42910x92C, 42911x65B, 42911x65C, 42912x70B, 42912x70C, 42913x5B, 42915x30B, 42915x62A, 42915x6A, 42916x7B, 42916x8A, 42916x8B, 42917x6A, 42917x6B, 42917x6C, 42917x8A, 42917x8B, 42918x8A, 42918x8B, 461000x71A, 461000x8A, 461001x68A, 461004x92A, 461004x92B, 461005x68A, 461007x92A, 461007x92B, 461008x692A, 461008x92A, 461018x99A, 461018x99B, 46102x6A, 46102x6B, 46103A, 46103B, 46103x50B, 46103x50C, 46103x71A, 46103x92A, 46104x14A, 46104x8A, 46104x8B, 46104x8C, 46104x8D, 46106x89A, 46106x89B, 46107x92A, 46108x89A, 461603x48A, 461604x99A, 461605x99A, 46250x30A, 46250x65C, 46254x15B, 46258x6A, 46370x5C, 46376x65B, 46377x8A, 46378x62A, 46378x6A, 46378x6B, 46379A, 46379x192A, 46379x192B, 46379x30A, 46379x71A, 46379x83A, 46379x92A, 46379x92B, 46380x50A, 46380x50B, 46400A, 46400x50A, 46400x5A, 46400x65A, 46401x30A, 46401x6A, 46403x199A, 46403x30A, 46403x8A, 46404x21A, 46404x6A, 46404x89A, 46404x8A, 46430x31A, 46430x6A, 46430x89A, 46430x8A, 46431x92A, 46500x92A, 46501x92A, 465305x92A, 465305x92B, 465306x31A, 465306x8A, 465306x8B, 465307x31A, 465600x31A, 465600x48A, 465600x71A, 465600x8A, 465601x50A, 465601x50B, 465602x31A, 465602x31B, 465602x8A, 465602x8B, 465602x8C, 465602x8D, 465603x92A, 465603x92B, 465604x50A, 465605x48A, 465605x48B, 465606x683A, 465606x692A, 465606x692B, 465609x24A, 46560x192A, 46560x92A, 465610x99A, 465612x99A, 465612x99B, 465614x48A, 465616x6A, 465616x6B, 465617A, 465617x51A, 465618x48A, 465619x71A, 465620x71A, 465621x89A, 465621x89B, 465622x99A, 465624x50A, 465624x78A, 46562x8A, 46562x8B, 46567x30A, 46567x6A, 46567x6B, 46568A, 46568x6A, 46569x6A, 46569x6B, 46569x6C, 46569x71A, 46569x71B, 46569x82A, 46569x92A, 46569x9A, 46570x6A, 46570x6B, 46570x6C, 46570x71A, 46570x71B, 46570x8A, 46570x8B, 46570x92A, 46573x92A, 46576x92A, 46576x92B, 46577x4A, 46577x6A, 46577x6B, 46577x71A, 46581x92A, 46581x92B, 46581x92C, 46800B, 46804A, 468600x43A, 468602x68A, 46900B, 46901x192A, 46901x92B, 46904x192A, 46904x92A, 46905x30A, 46906x199A, 46906x99A, 46907A, C-A 13.5HP 38 inch Gear Drive Charger, E LT155420 15.5HP 42 inch Gear Drive Manual PTO

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