Flat Idler Pulley 810-CID2251L For Poulan Pro Husqvarna Poulan 532179114 179114 78-056

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CID2251L

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Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

532179114, 179114, 78-056

810-CID2251L Fits the Following OEM Models:

For Agway

AG15538A, AG15538B, AG17542STA, AG17542STB, AG185H42STA, AG22H42STA

For Husqvarna

142, 14527 SB LS, 325 LX, 359, 385 XP, 924 SB, CT131, CT141, CT151, CTH140, CTH140 XP, CTH141, CTH150, CTH150 XP, CTH151, CTH151T, CTH171, CTH172, CTH1736, CTH180, CTH180 XP, CTH182T, CTH191, CTH192, CTH200, CTH2036, CTH2036 XP, CTH2036T, CTH2038, CTH210 XP, CTH220, CTH222T, CTH2238TE, CTH2542T, CTH2642, CTH2642TE, GTH250, iZ6123TKAA, LT1238, LT125, LT131, LT135, LT141, LT151, LT152, LT1536, LT1538, LT1597, LT16542, LT18542, LT2223CMA2, LTH120, LTH125, LTH1342, LTH135, LTH141, LTH151, LTH152, LTH1536, LTH1542, LTH1742, LTH1797, LTH1842, LTH18542, LTH2042, LTHK1342, R316T AWD, R418Ts AWD, R52S, RE11597, RE12597RB, TS146X, YT150, YT155, YTH1342 XP, YTH135, YTH150 XP, YTH151, YTH1542, YTH1542 XP, YTH155, YTH170, YTH1746, YTH180 XP, YTH1842, YTH1842 XP, YTH1848 XP, YTH18542, YTH200, YTH2042, YTH210 XP, YTH2148, YTH2148 XP, YTH2242, YTH2248, YTH2448, YTH2548, YTH2748

For Jonsered

J2118AA, LT12, LT14, LT14A, LT16, LT16A, LT17A, LT19A, LT2112, LT2113, LT2113A, LT2113CM, LT2114, LT2114A, LT2115, LT2115A, LT2115CM, LT2115CMA, LT2116A, LT2116CMA2, LT2117A, LT2118A, LT2118A2, LT2118CMA2, LT2119A, LT2120A2, LT2120CMA2, LT2122A, LT2122A2, LT2122CMA2, LT2216CM, LT2216CMA2, LT2217CMA, LT2218CMA, LT2218CMA2, LT2220CMA2, LT2223CMA2

For Lazer

LZ11597, LZ12597AK, LZ12597RB, LZ145H97, LZ145H97RBK, LZ165107H, LZ175H107RBK, LZ20H107, LZ20H107RBK

For Murray

425014X92E, MB12538LT, MB1842LT

For Partner

P11597, P12597, P12597HRB, P12597RB, P145107HRB, P155107HRB, P185107HRB, P200107HRB

For Poulan Pro

BB18542LT, BB185H42LT, BB185H42YT, BB24H42YT, CN1842STA, CO17542LT, CO1842STA, CO18542STA, CO18542STB, CO18542STC, CO185H42STA, CO185H42STB, CO185H42STC, CO18H42STA, CO24H48STA, DB18542YT, DB185H42YT, DB24H42YT, DB24H48YT, DB27H48YT, HD17542, HD1842, HD20H42, HD21H42, PB14538LT, PB145G38, PB155G42, PB17542LT, PB19542LT, PB19H42LT, PB19H42LTS, PBA19542LT, PBA19542LTX, PBA195H42LT, PBA195H42LTX, PC1538A, PC1538B, PC1538C, PC1538D, PC1742STA, PC1742STB, PC17H42STA, PD15538LT, PD17542LT, PD1842STA, PD18542STA, PD18542STB, PD185H42STA, PD185H42STB, PD185H42STC, PD18H42STA, PD18H42STB, PD2042STA, PD20H42STA, PD20PH42STA, PD20PH48STA, PD20PH48STB, PD20PH48STC, PD22H42STA, PD22H42STB, PD22H42STC, PD22PH48STA, PD22PH48STB, PD22PH48STC, PD22PH48STD, PD24PH42ST, PD25PH48STA, PD25PH48STB, PD25PH48STC, PD25PH48STD, PD25PH48STE, PDB1842STA, PDB18H42STA, PDC18H42STA, PK1942LT, PK1942YT, PK19H42LT, PK19H42YT, PK20H42YT, PK23H48YT, PP16H36RB, PPR2042STA, PPR2042STB, PPR2042STC, PPR20H42STA, PPR20H42STB, PPR20H42STC, PR1742STE, PR1742STF, PR17542STA, PR17542STC, PR17H42STD, PR17H42STE, PR17H42STF, PR1842STA, PR1842STB, PR1842STC, PR1842STD, PR185H42STE, PR185H42STF, PR185H42STG, PR185H42STH, PR20H42STD, PR20PH42STA, PR20PH42STB, PR20PH42STC, PR20PH42STD, PR25PH48STA, PR25PH48STB, XT18542LT, XT185H42LT, XT24H42LT, XT24H42YT, XT24H48YT

For Poulan

11597, 12597RB, 271150, 271190, 271490, 271491, 279370, 606140, PB1638LT, PB1842LT, PB1842LY, PB18542LT, PB185H42LT, PB18H42LT, PO12538LT, PO12597RB, PO13T38A, PO14538LT, PO14542E, PO14542LT, PO1538A, PO1538B, PO1538C, PO1538D, PO15538A, PO15538B, PO15538C, PO15538D, PO15538LT, PO15538LTX, PO15542LT, PO16542A, PO16542B, PO16542LT, PO165H42STA, PO165H42STB, PO1742STA, PO1742STB, PO1742STC, PO17452LTX, PO17542LT, PO17542STA, PO17542STB, PO17542STC, PO17542STD, PO175H42LT, PO175H42ST, PO175H42STA, PO175H42STB, PO17H42STA, PO17H42STB, PO1842STA, PO18542LT, PO18H42STA, PO19542LT, POGT20H48STA, POGT20T48STA, PXT12538, PXT15538, PXT155G42, PXT16542, PXT175G42

For Ranch King


For Roper Rally

RA13538A, RA13538B

For Ryobi Outdoor


For Statesman

SO1538A, SO1542A, SO15538A, SO15538B, SO15538LT, SO1638LT, SO1742STA, SO17542LT, SO17542STA, SO17542STB, SO17H42STA, SO19H42LT, SP185H42LT, SP185H42STA, SP185H42STB, SP185H42YT, SP18H42STA, SP20PH48STA, SP22H42STA, SP22H42STB, SP24H48YT, SP25PH48STA, SP25PH48STB, SP25PH48STC

For Weed Eater

960180001, HD13538, WE12538K, WE12538M, WE1338A, WE13538LT, WE1538A, WE1538B, WE1538C, WE165T42A, WET1338A, WET1338B, WET1742STA, WET1742STB, WET17H42STA, WET2242STA, WET2242STB, WET2242STC, WET2242STD

For Wizard

WA1338A, WA15542A, WA1742STA, WA17H42STA, WA20H42STA, WAGT20H48STA

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