Deck Spindle 810-CSP2265N For Husqvarna 539131383 966956101 539114820 539114821 539108773 966956201

Brand: 8TEN
MPN: 810-CSP2265N

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810-CSP2265N Deck Spindle Product Info:

  • Spindle Specs: Height 6 3/8"

Direct Replacement for the Following OEM Part Numbers:

539131383, 966956101, 539114820, 539114821, 539108773, 966956201, 539131385, 539112934

810-CSP2265N Fits the Following OEM Models:

For Husqvarna

2246LS, 245 RX, 323 R, 325 HE4 X-Series, 326 LS, 345 FXT, 372 XP/XPG, 545 FXT AT, BZ27D, BZ34D, BZ6127D, BZ6134D, BZ6172D, BZ7234D, BZ7234TD, BZE6127D, BZE6134D, BZE7234D, CTH220, FD61I, iZ21, iZ4217, iZ4217C, iZ4217SKAA, iZ4217TKAA, iZ4817, iZ4817KAA, iZ4817SKAA, iZ4817TKAA, iZ4819, iZ4819TSKAA, iZ4821, iZ4821T, iZ4821TKAA, iZ5221, iZ5221TKAA, iZ5223, iZ5223TKAA, iZ5223TKOA, iZ5223TVAN, iZ5223TXPKOA, iZ5223VAN, iZ5224, iZ5224TLKAO, iZ5225, iZ5225TSPKOA, iZ5225TXPKOA, iZ6123KAA, iZ6123TKAA, iZ6125, iZ6125TKOA, iZC5221, iZC5223, LT125, LTH120, LZ25, LZ25C, LZ30, LZ30C, LZ5225, LZ5225TKAA, LZ5227, LZ5227TXPKOA, LZ6123LTKOA, LZ6123TLKOA, LZ6125TKAA, LZ6127, LZ6127TKOA, LZ6130, LZ6130C, LZ6130TXPKOA, LZ7227TKOA, LZ7230, LZ7230C, LZ7230TXPKOA, LZF5227, LZF6127, MZ61, M-ZT61, P-ZT4822FS, P-ZT5224FS, P-ZT6126FS, P-ZT6128, R115B, R422Ts, Rider 13 Bio, ST227 P, ST276 EP, WH3615, WH3615E, WH3616, WH4817, WH4817E, WH4817EFQ, WH4818, WH5217, WH5218, WH5219EFQ, WH5221EFQ, WHF3617, WHF4817, WHF5223, WHF6123, YTH2348, ZTH5225KAA, ZTH6123KOLA, ZTH6125KAA, ZTH6127KOB

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